Women Forward — Civic Tech Changemaker Amy Quigley of MITX

| Amy Quigley

In my job as Civic Engagement Manager, I have the distinct pleasure of interacting with many amazing women who are influencing civic engagement and fueling innovation in Boston.  In honor of Women’s History Month, Microsoft New England asked a number of inspiring women what empowers them. Check on their responses below and don’t forget to share and tweet these posts to spread the word about the great work these women are driving in Boston! 

— Aimee Sprung, Civic Engagement Manager, Microsoft New England


The most rewarding moments in my role as President of MITX happen spontaneously. Most recently, I remember being introduced to a young woman who had moved her start-up from Chicago to Boston. I was impressed with her passion and bravery for diving into the start-up scene in Boston with barely a compass in hand. Talking to her I realized that we could provide her with some additional touch points for her journey. I introduced her to three new connections and soon afterwards had her participating in our MITX Up program, which pairs start-ups with marketing mentors for an evening of pizza, beer and limitless ideas. When I saw her a week later she was more radiant – excited by the potential partnership with one of her new connections and a handful of ideas from her evening at MITX Up. I am inspired by her journey and look forward to advocating for the resources that she, other entrepreneurs, and businesses in the technology, marketing and design community need to be successful in the Commonwealth.

For 20 years I have been a student and steward of the corporate business environment. As a CMO I’ve helped CEOs launch companies, partnered with finance teams and with sales to build business. In the process I’ve learned: the power in finding a good mentor; and no tweet or email replaces the value of a connection made over coffee.

These lessons and others have fueled me in my bold new adventure at MITX. Today I am charged with being an ambassador and connector for 7,500 technology, marketing and design professionals both large and small across New England, ensuring we give them access to current and relevant thought leadership, and help establish networks that might not be possible in the frenetic pace of their daily lives. A role which brings me happiness and satisfaction every day.

The transition from corporate executive to president of a non-profit association has been rewarding and empowering. Now my contributions have impact on every facet of our business, from the future path and vision of the organization, to operations and company culture. Joining MITX, I knew the sense of community would be rewarding, but I had no idea of just how much. Boston is home to many successful companies that serve as leaders in the industry and has a vibrant and energetic entrepreneurial scene.

Although my civic journey is nascent, it’s been transformative. I relish the opportunities I have to help organizations in technology, marketing and design gain access to national level thought leaders, make valuable new connections and be recognized for their success!


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