Women Forward — Civic Tech Changemaker Chloe Ryan of ONEin3 Boston

 |   Chloe Ryan

In my job as Civic Engagement Manager, I have the distinct pleasure of interacting with many amazing women who are influencing civic engagement and fueling innovation in Boston.  In honor of Women’s History Month, Microsoft New England asked a number of inspiring women what empowers them. Check on their responses below and don’t forget to share and tweet these posts to spread the word about the great work these women are driving in Boston! 

— Aimee Sprung, Civic Engagement Manager, Microsoft New England


The exterior of Boston City Hall has been described as many things, most of which are unflattering. The building has been voted the ugliest building in the world and pegged as the worst piece of architecture in Boston.

I shared similar sentiments around City Hall until I began managing the ONEin3 Boston program, which resides on the 9th floor in the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Fairly quickly after I started, the importance of the exterior of the building faded away as I became familiarized with the work done within the walls of City Hall.

To me, being empowered and being inspired go hand in hand. When I walk through the doors of City Hall, I am inspired by the hard work of hundreds of people who complete many thankless tasks to make Boston function and to make the city a better place.

I’m fortunate to work for an administration that places a premium on both women and young adult’s voices, thoughts and opinions. To this end, every day I feel empowered to reach out to diverse groups of young adults and ask a simple question: How can we be better? How can the City of Boston better serve you?

I feel empowered to take those thoughts and ideas to Mayor Walsh. I’m inspired by his leadership and commitment to creating an environment in which young adults can put down roots, launch their careers, and start their families. I feel empowered to have conversations with decision makers on how we can better reach this demographic in a more impactful way. I feel empowered to pitch ideas, try new things, fail, and start over. Most importantly, I feel empowered to do my part in realizing the mission of the City of Boston, to make our home a more inclusive, innovative and world-class city.

I’m proud of the work I do and am fortunate to feel both inspired and empowered every day by the values and heart that lies within City Hall.

Chloe Ryan is the Manager of the ONEin3 program for the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

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