Microsoft New England Picks: 4 Not-To-Miss Events This Week

| MSNE Staff


March is here, and Spring is coming! Trust us. In the meantime, get inside for some awesome events! Here are three not to miss this week Microsoft New England:

Startup-Rounds1) Startup Rounds – Final Showcase & Awards
Monday, March 2, 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Twitter: @StartupRounds

10 Finalists from the Startup Rounds competition will have opportunities to demo their products, and convince judges that they have a high potential and high impact startup. Winners are presented with cash and resources. Here’s what Startup Rounds and partners are giving away:

tech-breakfast2) Boston TechBreakfast with, Spots, Ergopedia, Affectiva
Tuesday, March 3, 8:00am – 10:00am
Twitter: @TechBreakfast

Based on the popular TechBreakfast format, the Boston TechBreakfast is a “show and tell” format event where up to five different technologists will demo their technologies from a wide range of industries ranging from software to hardware, IT to Biotech, robotics to space tech. The event is “triple agnostic”. We don’t care if the technology is from a start up, a large company, a university, a government agency, or someone’s hobby. We are also agnostic as to the industry of the tech – it could be IT, biotech, robotics, aerospace, materials sciences, anything tech and innovative is cool. And we’re also region agnostic – even if you’re not from where we’re hosting, we want to see you and your technology!

14096812293) Youth CITIES: March to May Bootcamp Kickoff
Thursday, March 5, 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Twitter: @YouthCITIES

The March to May Bootcamp is designed for middle school and high school students, from any school or town, participants work with a variety of entrepreneurs to start a venture, figure out how it impacts our local community, and determine how its going to make money while driving change.

Fast-paced and exciting, a variety of influencers from the entrepreneurial ecosystem share their experiences while teaching creative problem-solving skills, fundamentals of leadership, entrepreneurship, networking, presenting/pitching (in a variety of situations).

Students compete individually or in teams to start-up and build a social venture to solve real-world problems. Everyone pitches in the Semi-finals, and the top venture ideas present to a panel of finalist judges. The strongest venture idea/pitch receives $1500 seed grant funding.

The kick-off is an opportunity for students to get a glimpse of what social entrepreneurship meet one another. Students and parents will also meet and network with some of the Youth CITIES instructors, mentors, and judges. Course curriculum and workbooks will also be handed out.

Attendees are students, parents, mentors, teachers, and various VIPs from Boston and Cambridge.

Made-In-MA4) MassDiGI: Pre PAX East “Made in MA” Party
Thursday, March 5, 4:00pm – 9:00pm 
Twitter: @mass_

Game on! MassDiGI would like to welcome all PAX East fans,  game developers, students and exhibitors to the annual party to celebrate the Massachusetts game industry and all it has to offer. Join us to experience the Massachusetts scene and meet the amazing community that has made it such a success. This great event will take place on March 5th, the evening before PAX East starts, and we are expecting a packed house with more than 1500 guests!

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