Announcing the General Availability of Azure Machine Learning

| Julie Bennett

In the spirit of Microsoft’s commitment to expanding open source innovation, Azure Machine Learning was created as a platform to easily build, deploy and share advanced analytics solutions. The Azure Machine Learning team, part of which is based here in Cambridge at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, has been working to support community-driven development, allowing developers to create cloud-hosted web services in an easy, efficient manner. Microsoft’s main goal was to bridge learning gaps and allow access to big data strategizing to all. And now, that goal of easy access to data science has been made a reality.

Announcing the General Availability of Azure Machine Learning

This week, we were pleased to announce cloud-based availability of Azure Machine learning. With no software to download, all you need is just a browser and internet connectivity to launch into a fully-managed, fully-supported innovative hub for data science. Users can create web services and APIs, use available web service applications, and build not only with Strata and Hadoop but R and Python.

To learn more about Azure Machine Learning, including features currently available on the cloud, read Microsoft’s Machine Learning blog here.

If you’re interested in a potential job with the Azure Machine Learning team, check out the job postings on our site, looking for those tagged “Cloud and Enterprise Engineering.”

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