Congratulations to the 2014 EdVestors “School on the Move Prize” Recipient: William Monroe Trotter Innovation School

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I recently began working with a terrific and impactful organization called EdVestors.  EdVestors is a dynamic school change organization focused on increasing the number of schools in Boston that deliver dramatically improved educational outcomes for all children. EdVestors leverages private investment to provide on-the-ground support to accelerate results, and develop and share knowledge to drive improvement across schools.

EdVestors’ portfolio of work is driving results for BPS and I can’t help but be wow-ed by all of the data and metrics they collect that prove the impact of their work.  Whether it is the BPS Arts Expansion Project (see infographic below) or the 8th Grade Algebra Expansion Initiative, EdVestors carefully evaluates and adjusts programs to ensure results.  Can’t argue with success!

Read more about their strategic investments here:

Click here for full infographic.

Last week, EdVestors presented their annual School on the Move Prize. The School on the Move Prize highlights those schools and leaders who have advanced their educational goals for students by implementing key practices for school improvement. The Prize comes with a $100,000 award from EdVestors, public recognition, and the opportunity for the winner to document and share replicable strategies for other urban school improvement initiatives.

Congratulations to the 2014 EdVestors School on the Move Prize Recipient: William Monroe Trotter Innovation School.

StudentsThe 400-student Trotter Innovation School has seen steady, sustainable improvement over the last four years (2009-2013) by focusing on school climate and instructional consistency across classrooms. A former Level 4 Turnaround School, the Trotter faculty voted nearly unanimously in 2013 to become an Innovation School, demonstrating their commitment to the work that led to the school’s success.

The Trotter has seen dramatic improvement in their student achievement over the past five years: tripling the number of students scoring proficient or higher in both English language arts and math.

In addition, each of the two finalist schools received an increased award of $25,000 thanks to the generosity of Liberty Mutual Insurance. Congrats to Joseph J. Hurley K-8 SchoolOrchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School.

To read more about School on the Move and this year’s winner, finalists, and sponsors, click here.

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