Staff Spotlight: Joe Shapiro

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JoeWordpressNameJoe Shapiro

Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey

Job: Software Development Engineer, Enterprise Client Group

How did you come to work at Microsoft?
I was originally an intern in The Foundry at NERD working on Windows 8 apps pre-release. I love the people and the energy here, so coming back full time was a no-brainer. Check out my team’s app, Catch It, in the app store!

You’re a new member of Gay and Lesbian Employees at Microsoft (GLEAM). What excites you about the mission?
Microsoft is one of the first companies in the world to have offered employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners and to include sexual orientation in its corporate nondiscrimination policy. GLEAM is the product of these pioneering efforts in workplace diversity. I love that GLEAM is dedicated to developing my career and involving me in the Microsoft community in such a way that not only addresses but values my identity.

GLEAM will have a presence at Boston Pride this year. What should we expect?
We’re really excited that GLEAM is aligning with the spirit of One Microsoft this year, making Pride a global effort. Our hope is to transition “Pride” from being an event to being an ongoing celebration of diversity & inclusion. For Boston, expect fun and swag with the usual suspects. Also expect a Spartan appearance. Is anyone else thinking #spartanselfie? Yes we did.

What’s something cool you have worked on recently?
I’ve been working on new features for mobile device management in Windows Intune, which better enable enterprises to give users access to company resources and apps on their device platforms of choice.

What inspires you about technology?
Coming from a visual arts background, I’m inspired most by the expressive quality of technology. Technology and art don’t have to be different things. I believe that tech acts as a tool to achieve new things as much as it inspires people to change the way they use what they already have.

What problem would you like to see technology solve?
A former computer science professor of mine does incredible research optimizing logistics and supply chains, energy, and—most excitingly—disaster management. I’m excited by the possibility of knowing the optimal course of action when the unthinkable happens.

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