Youth CITIES March-to-May Bootcamp and Other Inspirational Youth Innovation Programs

| Aimee Sprung

Photo via @BostonNewTech: "Great presentations today @YouthCITIES! Thank you to all the organizers and mentors!"
Photo via @BostonNewTech: “Great presentations today @YouthCITIES! Thank you to all the organizers and mentors!”

On Saturday, May 11, I had the distinct honor to participate as a judge for the Youth CITIES final presentations from the March-to-May Bootcamp. Youth CITIES is a nonprofit that propels middle school and high chool students to drive change in their community by applying entrepreneurial principles and creative problem-solving skills.

The March-to-May Bootcamp inspires, educates, and equips youth to take action and make a difference. We move beyond the academics of building businesses—encouraging the use of real-life problems, real-life constraints, and real-life criteria as the launch pad for students to create a value-driven, sustainable solution to a real-life market opportunity. Winners receive grants and continued support (via Skunk Works).

And this year’s winners are…
Nail Art by Jennifer: an app that allows users to digitally design their nail art and then print it on water transfer paper, like a tattoo for your nails. This app will have different features that will make designing patterns a lot easier.

PracticeGigs by Toni: an online marketplace that provides aspiring players access to affordable quality practice sessions.

Home Alone by Yaz: a mobile application designed to educate children on home safety. It includes parent functions like text reminders and GPS tracking enabling parents to leave there children home alone.

Keep an eye out for the launches of these new businesses soon!

If you’d like to invest in any of these ideas or help the students develop their businesses, please contact Vicky Wu Davis: [email protected].

In addition to Youth CITIES, Boston is blessed with a few amazing programs to encourage middle school and high school students to pursue entrepreneurship. They are always looking for industry mentors. Check out:
• Build:
• Technovation
• Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

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