Staff Spotlight: Sam Tulimat

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Staff Spotlight: Sam Tulimat


Name: Sam Tulimat

Hometown: Homs, Syria

Job: Program Manager, Enterprise Client Group

Time at Microsoft: Just turned 8 (months)

Favorite restaurant in the Boston area: The Beat Hotel in Harvard Square. It just opened recently, and I love the food and the atmosphere.

What’s the last thing you Binged? South by Southwest conference in Austin.

What’s something cool you have worked on recently? I worked on features for virtualizing Office 365 for enterprises using Application Virtualization (APP-V). It sounds complicated, but virtualization is a pretty cool technology that enterprises use to deploy applications easily.

What inspires you about technology? I love technology’s ability and appetite for change. I am inspired by solving old problems by applying new technologies to them. The most exciting part for me is when technology can change human behavior in a positive manner.

What problem would you like to see technology solve? I would like for technology to help in solving big social problems such as poverty, wars, health, employment and education. I firmly believe that if we can fly planes and carry smartphones, we shouldn’t have people who are dying because of lack of access to water or vaccination.

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