Staff Spotlight: Anjali Banka

| MSNE Staff

Anjali Banka, Office 365 Software Wizard!
Anjali Banka, Office 365 Software  Engineer/Wizard!

Name: Anjali Banka

Hometown: Delhi, India

Job: Software Development Engineer – Office 365

Years at MSFT: 2 years on June 4th! I am a university hire from Syracuse University, NY.

Favorite restaurant in Boston: The café at Taj Boston – love the Indian food there. Za is my favorite for grabbing a quick pizza with Vermont butter & feta.

Last thing you Binged: Red sox tickets!

Something cool you’ve worked on recently: Working with Office 365 implies we are working with something exciting and impactful every single day. The engineers are pretty much accountable for the live site 365 days a year, or rather 366 for leap years! The last project I worked on was introducing discounts and promotions in the Office 365 portal. Other interesting ones include the ability to switch plans, aka Office 365 SKUs here and Office 365 for nonprofits here.

What inspires you about tech? The ability to reach the masses and to influence their lives. Period. With technology, we as engineers have the ability to influence the world. We can collectively make people’s day-to-day activities simpler, empathize with their use cases and provide them with simple and elegant solutions. It sure is one of the most influential mediums to reach the people worldwide, and help impact their lives in a positive way.

What problem would you like to see technology solve? I am a huge fan of simplifying processes, at least on the front end for the end user. Another thing I would vote for is consistency in end user experience. Simplified process and consistency together can redefine how technology helps people all across the world!

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