Microsoft’s Response to the President’s ConnectED Call-to-Action

| Aimee Sprung

We heard the President’s ConnectED call-to-action, and here is our billion-dollar response to put affordable technology in the hands of U.S. students nationwide

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As Massachusetts schools move to the PARCC standardized testing from MCAS, they are acquiring devices so all students can complete the tests online. Schools need devices—and soon!

Beyond standardized testing, these devices can also provide students with the 21st Century skills they need to be career ready. A recent IDC study found that modern skills such as communication, problem solving, and self-motivation mixed with the technical Microsoft Office skills like presentation, spreadsheets, and analysis are necessary to secure a job in a high growth, high wage occupation now and through 2020.

Thanks to an exciting announcement from Margo Day, VP of U.S. Education at Microsoft, we have a fantastic answer to address this challenge:

Office 365“Microsoft is establishing a program for all U.S. public schools to have access to – and deeply reduced prices for — Windows-based devices. Through our hardware partners, we will bring to market a multitude of Windows-based devices, as well as provide access to an array of software and services tailored for education, including Bing for Schools, Office 365 Education (making more than 12 million copies of Office available to students for free at qualifying institutions), and Microsoft’s Partners in Learning teacher training resources.”

This offer is a terrific opportunity for Massachusetts schools to make sure students have the skills they need for more than 300,000 jobs in STEM fields alone that will be open when they graduate.

Read Margo’s complete blog post here.

Contact me ([email protected]) for more details to take advantage of this opportunity in Massachusetts.

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