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Dec 9, 2013



The Foundry invites college development and design students to Microsoft New England for an internship based on four key principles.

  • Learn: Work with the latest tools and tactics needed to design and develop apps for Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Collaborate: Team up with other engineers and designers to bring an app to life.
  • Build: Sync student ideas and concepts with state-of-the-art development techniques to create an app from the ground up.
  • Launch: Ship an app to the Store by the end of your internship.


In its second year, the Foundry at Microsoft New England hosted 40 college students on its campus this past summer. The students worked in teams of five to build a range of apps for Microsoft’s newest platforms. Each team worked closely with their coaches, two Microsoft engineers paired with each team to help solve programs and connect with others at Microsoft.  Using agile and other current development practices, interns get tons of experience designing the user experience, writing code, costing features, presenting their work, and (occasionally) debugging problems.  By the end of the internship, interns have experienced a complete ship cycle from start to ship.   These Foundry 2013 apps are now available for download to your Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone devices.


Meet Codey! WeeCoder’s main character

In light of the Computer Science Education week, we want to introduce WeeCoder, built at Foundry 2013. Computer science provides a foundation for so many career paths and WeeCoder is a fun way to introduce basic coding concepts to children. WeeCoder is an engaging educational game built to introduce children, ages 3-11, to sequential thought, looping, and conditions in a comfortable environment. Explore the planets of the Solar System with Codey as he travels from planet to planet.  Program his movements through 80+ unique levels to unlock mini puzzle games, a photo op with Codey, and more. WeeCoder is available to download to your Windows 8.1 device now.


Learn to code with WeeCoder!
Learn to code with WeeCoder!

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