Imagine Cup 2014 Is Here!

| Aimee Sprung

Imagine Cup 2013

Spread the word – the Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s annual student technology challenge, is back with 4 competitions to motivate the next generation of innovation and creativity.

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Teams of students sixteen years and older are invited to design a technology solution in one of three categories: world citizenship, innovation, or games. These competitions are running now through July 2014, but contestants better get started early because competition will be tough.

A fourth online competition, running now through October 25, 2013, asks contestants to submit a 5-minute pitch video to share their vision, explain how they will bring it to life, and persuade judges why they are the right people to execute the project.

Imagine Cup 2013
Last year's winners!

Over 1.65 million students from over 190 countries have participated in past Cups. They have created technologies that will solve the problems of the world, transformed ideas into businesses, learned new tech skills, made new friends, and won some unbeatable prizes. This year winning teams of the 3 category competitions will receive $50k and the winning pitch video will receive $3k. Not too bad!

For more information on the competitions and for official rules, head to the official Imagine Cup website. Be inspired by what past winners have developed and motivated to design a technology solution even more groundbreaking than the last. Good luck!


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