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Barrie Mirman

Looking for a way to be more productive while on the go? Need a better way stay connected to the office and simplify your work while traveling? Reigning expert Barrie Mirman, Mobility Specialist at Microsoft, recently shared her mobile savviness as a panelist at a recent Boston Club event, There’s an App for That.

Barrie Mirman

The Boston Club, an expansive community of female professional leaders and executives, corralled a full house packed with energy and active dialogue. One of three panelists at last Tuesday’s event, Barrie ditched the typical PowerPoint presentation to give a live Windows Phone 8 demo during which she highlighted her favorite apps that keep her productive and on point professionally.

So what apps will you find on Barrie’s phone? For one, Lync is a must. This app helps you manage your contacts, displaying who is online and available to instant message. Have a pressing question or message? Create groups of contacts and easily send your message to everyone. With IM, video chat, and phone calls, you are unavoidable! Barrie also noted the conference call feature, which makes calls easier and safer, especially while driving. No need to enter long codes and pins. One touch and you’re in.

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Next up – Yammer, the enterprise social network. For those of you who haven’t joined the Yammer movement yet, this app is a social network for your business that allows private communication and information sharing between employees and businesses. Have a question or comment that you don’t want to post to your company’s LinkedIn page? That’s what Yammer is for!

Additionally, Barrie also showcased Microsoft OneNote and answered questions about security concerns. No need to worry, though, as security on the Window Phone 8 is top notch with encryptions upon encryptions upon encryptions!

Looking for more apps to simplify your life? Explore the Windows app store where you can even try apps before you buy them.


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