American Red Cross and Microsoft Team Up for Kendall Square Blood Drive

Blood Donors at the Cantina

The American Red Cross returned to Kendall Square on Monday, June 24 for the second Microsoft sponsored blood drive at the NERD center.

“The American Red Cross relies on the generosity of blood donors to help people in need. Microsoft donors are helping to save lives and their generosity is important in helping us fulfill our mission,” explained the Red Cross Communications Programs Manager.

Blood Donors at the Cantina
Kirsten and George congregated at the canteen after George donated blood.

This generosity was evident at Monday’s blood drive where 27 units of blood were collected and up to 81 lives were potentially saved. Many of Monday’s donors were also eligible to donate double red cells, which are in high demand. While the majority of donors were Microsoft employees, other locals came out to do their part as well.

“It is only a small inconvenience to do something small to help out, and the Red Cross staff are always nice and make the process easy,” shared a local MIT student and veteran blood donor.

Blood drive
John with the American Red Cross brought a friendly energy to the blood drive.

I was even convinced to join in on the action because the staff was so welcoming and informative. While I attended the blood drive only to collect information for this post, I left as a first time blood donor who intends to donate again. I realized first hand, as the Red Cross motto says, “The need is constant. The gratification is instant.” It also didn’t hurt that I was greeted with cookies and a free t-shirt after I donated!

When the Red Cross first set up camp at the NERD center for a blood drive in December 2012, they collected 34 units of life-saving blood. Those 34 units had the potential to help save over 102 lives; with someone needing blood every 2 seconds, that blood and Monday’s blood was much needed.

Because there is such a high demand for blood and blood has a shelf life of only 42 days, I encourage all readers to consider donating. For more information on donation, head to and stay tuned for details about the next Microsoft sponsored blood drive.


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