Hacking is often its own reward. You fixed a problem. You made life easier. You found a way to save time. Or money. Or both. You outsmarted everyone else. You found a solution when no one else could.

Good job, you. Pat yourself on the back.

But even if it is its own reward, more rewards would be nice, right? Like a membership to Xbox Live with some games to get you started. A Kinect/Xbox Bundle. Or a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. That’d be cool, right? Well, you got it. You send us your hack. And if it’s good enough, you could be entered to get a prize.

The catch? There’s one. We don’t want your code. We want to know how you build a set of speakers for your phone with only a paper towel role and some pushpins. Or a cool way to organize our music library. Life hacks. Solutions to everyday dilemmas. Because that’s what great hacking is. And who better to ask than you–a hacker. You know how to do it. Now you just need to go beyond the code. Visit to see what others are doing and to submit your idea.


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