MA Citizen Schools 2013 STEM WOW!

| Aimee Sprung

Looking for an inspiring event? Join Citizen Schools on May 1 to learn from middle school forensic scientists, mobile app developers, robotics engineers, and money managers about their next big ideas and innovations in science, technology, engineering, and math! They’ll teach you what they mastered in their 10-week apprenticeships and you’ll be surprised by what you learn too…

WOW! will feature a science fair showcasing the projects of 12 students at the Edwards Middle School in Charlestown who have developed their technology skills through a 10-week apprenticeship in an after school program led by Dan Gonyea and Brian Conley, both Microsoft employees. The class focuses on inspiring engineering, programming, and teamwork skills in the students through demystifying technology and engaging in creative problem-solving activities. Using Lego Mindstorm’s kits, this semester’s teams are building a pinball machine, a praying mantis with six legs, a transformer that drives and stands up like a person, and a Rubik’s cube solver.

The apprenticeship program is only one of a number of excellent community programs led by Citizen Schools. Since its founding in Boston in 1995, Citizen Schools has been re-imagining the learning day to bring more time, more talented adults, and more relevant learning experiences to middle-school students in low-income neighborhoods. You can check out more of their work here. Microsoft is proud to be a supporter of such an incredible program.

Join us on May 1 to be inspired by what these students have developed in just a few months. This project showcase is certainly an event not to be missed.

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