Trackage rated one of the top Metro apps by InfoWorld

| Aimee Sprung

A Snapshot of the App

Exciting news from the Foundry at NERD.

A Snapshot of the App
A Snapshot of the App

Trackage, an app developed by a team of students during the 2012 inaugural Foundry program, ranked in InfoWorld’s list of top Metro apps.

The app, designed to track your packages from all major postal carriers in one place, has the added bonus of keeping you easily updated through a tile on Metro’s start screen. In addition, Trackage automatically syncs your packages across devices – making it easy to check their status from wherever you are. Throw in the ability to personalize the names of your package and you have a truly great app.

Trackage is just one of a number of great apps developed at Microsoft’s inaugural Foundry program this past summer. Other highlights include an app to help you catch the MBTA, a reminder and alarm hub, and an app to turn your photos into a film; check them all out here.

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