The Surprising Digital Influence on Face-to-Face Interactions: Call-in Live Today on WBUR 90.9fm at 3pm

| MSNE Staff

Technology, social media and the digital age all seem so familiar, yet unpredictable.  How is technology changing the way you interact with your life, your job, your family? Microsoft Researcher Nancy Baym has been studying this topic for years and has some unexpected conclusions.


This morning, Nancy spoke with WBUR’s Iris Adler for a series on “living in this digital saturated age.” Nancy, along with Sherry Turkle, William Powers and Baratunde Thurston, will share insights, evidence, experiences and humor around always being connected during this 4 piece series.


You might not be surprised to hear that technology brings new challenges and struggles in our ability to communicate- but can you believe that research shows the more people communicate with devices, the more they are communicating face-to-face?


“There’s a strong tendency to think of media as substituting for face-to-face interaction, but that’s just not what the evidence shows. In fact, the number of media through which people communicated was the best predictor of how developed and close a relationship was – every medium people added to a relationship was related to greater closeness. If you think about it, it makes sense – when you like someone, you want to communicate with them in each way you can and when you get a new medium, you want to take the people you like most there with you, “ Says Nancy.




The four diverse point-of-views make for an attention-grabbing series on NPR. What’s more appealing is when 2 of these digital experts will discuss their opinions and take callers live on the air today.


Turn your fm dial to NPR 90.9fm or listen online Today, January 17, 2013 from 3-4pm (today) when Dina Rosendorff will facilitate an unforgettable discussion between Nancy, William and possibly you.  Have your questions ready and call (800) 423-TALK.


Did I mention this was happening today?

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