We’re Having Monthly Themes in 2013: January is Innovation

| MSNE Staff

Revolution, origination, modernization and advance are just a few of the words Bing Thesaurus provides for innovation. Bing defines it as “the act or process of inventing or introducing something new.”  While that is certainly an accurate definition, we feel there is more to it. What does innovation mean to you? How are you innovating at home, at school or at work?  What images come to mind when you hear “innovation”? Tell us here.


We spend a lot of time thinking about innovation at NERD and this month we want to think about it with you.  Starting in 2013, our social media will focus around a new theme every month.  Yup, you guessed it, this month is innovation.


In January we’ll profile innovative companies and people. We’ll collect your ideas about what innovation means and share that too.  We are on a quest to find everything on the internet about innovation!  We’ll share what we find and we’ll share what you find.  Wait, isn’t the internet innovation? Okay, so we’re on a quest to find the whole internet, no big deal.

Anyway, help up define innovation, share your stories and ideas and get in touch about anything innovative.

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