TJ Hazen Joins Microsoft to Lead Effort in Speech and Language Processing

TJ Hazen

At the core of Microsoft’s original vision (“a computer on every desk”) there lies a commitment to making devices and software more accessible and easier to use for everyone, and our belief in the value of this work strengthens as computing devices become increasingly part of the fabric of everyone’s life.  Today, I am pleased to announce a new effort we’ve formed at NERD for the purpose of continuing to advance the state of the art in making all kinds of software easier, more natural and more intuitive to use, with a particular emphasis on speech and language processing capabilities. NERD is an ideal place for such an investment.   The greater Boston area is a world-class center for both research and innovation in a wide variety of fields, and NERD’s location near many of the world’s leading universities, as well as Boston’s thriving local tech community, made our choice clear.  We feel privileged to be here and grateful for the chance to work with some of the best and brightest in so many fields.

In particular, our selection of Cambridge for this new work has already paid dividends, as I am also happy to report today that TJ Hazen, formerly a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, will lead the work of the NERD science team in this area.  Since graduating from MIT 15 years ago, TJ has been a leading thinker in the speech and language processing community, with over 60 publications appearing in books, peer-reviewed journals and international conference proceedings.  Through his most recent experience at Lincoln Labs, as well almost a decade’s work at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, he also brings extensive and valuable experience in applying cutting-edge scientific research to applications that make a difference in the world outside the lab.  I’m thrilled to have TJ leading this effort for us, and we’ll be working together in the months ahead to build a world-class multi-disciplinary team at NERD.

We are hiring developers and scientists to join our team, and you can apply for these jobs today! Check out these career opportunities on the Microsoft website, or learn more about working at NERD here!

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