Bring Items for Sandy Victims to NERD Monday 11/5 from 3-4pm

It’s hard to believe the aftermath of Sandy. My jaw still drops when I see the photos.  I think about the people I know, the places I’ve been, the real life nightmare happening now. It’s pure luck that we Bostonians escaped the misfortune of our neighbors. (Or is it? Hold that thought…)

Sandy stinks, people need our help and we’re going to give it to them. Our friend and human business rock star Chris Brogan and his girlfriend Jacqueline Carly will be at NERD tomorrow to pick up donations for New York. She’s not leaving until her truck is overstuffed.  And if we get more than one truck load (which YOU can help us do) then we’ll drive more trucks. It’s that simple.


– Warm Clothes
– Diapers
– Flashlights
– Socks
– Ready-to-eat food (granola, pop tarts, crackers, energy bars)
– Water

3 – 4:00pm
LOCATION: One Memorial Drive, First Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142
Kendall Square, Red Line


So, back to that thought about Boston lucking out.  Was Hurricane Sandy a frankenstorm or a warning sign? Some people speculate that mother nature is offended climate policy was ignored in the presidential debates. Maybe you’ve heard of the climate-change-election-silence conspiracy?   Read up on all things #election2012 and follow LIVE as history happens on Tuesday with Bing Elections. This site is a treasure chest of information, pictures, stories, polls, and videos. Yes, even the 4-year old crying video.

Anyway, I digress.  Bring your warm clothes and survival supplies to NERD tomorrow from 3-4pm. If you just heard about the drive and you’re bummed you didn’t bring extra stuff to work today, that’s okay we’ll accept what you’re wearing.  You can get more clothes at home, Sandy victims cannot.

Let’s see how many trucks we can send. See you tomorrow!





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