A More Successful YOU in Only One Day

| MSNE Staff

You went to college and got a good job, then a promotion, then a better job.  You went back to school for a masters and graduated with honors (or without- it’s ok- you still graduated) and then you got an even better job.  Now a few years have passed and you still have a good job, but what’s next? How can you funnel your enthusiasm, skills and personality into a more successful YOU?


We have just what the doctor ordered; a day of leadership development, career reflection and quality networking that will empower YOU (and 200 other women) to create a more successful (all of) YOU!


Join MITX, Microsoft and The Commonwealth Institute on October 4th for the 3rd annual Successful You Women’s Leadership Forum. We’re excited to announce big name speakers and hot topic sessions. The full agenda is available here.  How can YOU put innovation in action? How can YOU build strong teams? How can YOU learn about the future of technology? All these questions and more will be answered while YOU develop a more Successful YOU.




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