CALLING ALL NERDS! Microsoft New England Research and Development is Hiring

NERD Employee Town Hall Meeting with Microsoft President and CEO Steve Ballmer

With all this talk about the recovering economy and shrinking unemployment, why are people accepting salary cuts and taking jobs that make them miserable?!  This all seems so unnecessary, especially when places like Microsoft NERD are hiring.

Hiring is an understatement. Microsoft NERD has dozens of open jobs right now in Cambridge.  In a few minutes, that might be hundreds of jobs. Okay, wait, maybe not that many, but we’re growing fast.  You get the point.

So, why join Microsoft NERD?  Well, for one, everyone is wicked smart.  You learn new things from your colleagues; your manager learns new things from you, and so forth – it’s a never ending circle of knowledge sharing.

You can eat lunch here.

When you walk around the halls of NERD, you’ll notice open work spaces, white boards everywhere and a relaxed vibe. The teams that live here contribute to a variety of Microsoft products that companies, governments and families depend on around the world.  Maybe you’ve heard of Office 365?  Or Lync? How about SharePoint? That’s just some of the production happening at NERD.  You’re impressed? I don’t blame you.

Working at NERD is the best of both worlds. On the one hand, there’s a real start-up feel, with a lot of small groups doing their own thing and getting high quality software out the door on their own terms. But on the other hand, you have all of the benefits that go along with working for a global software powerhouse – tons of smart people, cool technology, and the opportunity to impact millions with your work” said Ben Fersenheim, a Development Lead of the Application Virtualization Team.

Who wouldn’t love a workplace in the heart of Kendall Square with free parking, postcard views and zero cubicles?  The contemporary furniture and distinctive décor throughout the building makes everyone feel like a VIP.  Not to mention pool tables, ping pong and Xboxes on hand for brain breaks. It’s like a start-up without the cash flow problems.

You can have meetings here.

You can have meetings here.

As a representative of Microsoft, you might suspect I’m biased on the topic.  Well, I am.  But others on the outside share this warm fuzzy feeling. Just a few weeks ago, Boston Business Journal named us the second best large company to work for in the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Why aren’t we #1 you ask?  Well, that’s simple – we’re missing your contributions!  So, if you’re passionate about technology, intuitive and team oriented, then we want to hear from you!

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