April 2012

The Foundry: A Summer Program for students to build apps for Windows 8 at NERD

We are thrilled to announce today the launch of the Foundry, a brand new summer program for students to build apps for Windows 8 at NERD. The Foundry will be a twelve week program starting in early June. The students will form teams with the goal of building and releasing apps for Windows 8. We will provide training, mentorship, product reviews, space and infrastructure to help the teams be successful. The students will also participate in some of the many startup and tech community activities in the region.

We’ve spent the past year brainstorming how we can further increase Microsoft’s participation in the greater Boston area and we think this is a great new step for the community. With this program, we hopefully help address two asks from the community: 1) how can Microsoft help create and expose college students to opportunities in the area?; and 2) how can Microsoft help train more developers to address the talent needs of the region? We also hope this program compliments the other fantastic efforts of the community to address the same challenges: Startup Summer, Boston Startup School and Intelligent.ly, to name a few.

For more details on the Foundry including a program overview, job descriptions and how to apply, please click here. Also, students, please join us for an Information Session on May 2nd from 6PM – 8PM at NERD. Register for the event here.