August 2010

Expanding the Partnership: Microsoft and the Museum of Science Collaborate on Innovation

Earlier this year, Microsoft awarded the Boston Museum of Science (MoS) a $1.9M grant to modernize and upgrade its technology infrastructure and better serve its visitors.  Microsoft was designated the museum’s premier technology partner and since then both organizations have begun to experience the benefits of this enhanced relationship. 

NERD employees work on a fun MoS puzzle challenge

Thanks to our common interests in helping people realize their full potential by sparking the passions of individuals across New England for science, technology, engineering and math, our two organizations are moving forward on a number of exciting and interesting projects.  Teams of Microsoft employees from across the region – collaborating with their counterparts at the MoS – are working on initiatives to integrate new technologies into the physical museum experience, extend the reach of MoS beyond its walls, and reach more of the community through joint engagement opportunities.

Microsoft’s support of the MoS goes far beyond simple financial contributions.   In fact, the partnership shines brightest at the individual level.  Employees throughout the NERD campus (and across New England) have volunteered their time and expertise at the MoS as part of our ongoing collaboration efforts.  One local team member, Dan Bernhardt, worked with the Museum in March on a program titled Design Challenges as part of National Engineers Week.  You can read more on his work here: Bobsledding in Cambridge.  This is just one example of how our team members can leverage their talents and passions in ways that enhance the richness of the MoS experience.

Our long term partnership with the Museum of Science is only one way that Microsoft and our local team members are showing their commitment to the community. We look forward to expanding this and other partnerships as our NERD campus continues to grow!