Microsoft Partnership with Dogpatch Labs

Over the past year there has been a noticeable shift in the innovation ecosystem in the greater Boston area that has helped create a super-rich community and set of resources to help entrepreneurs succeed. The decision by Dogpatch labs to open a lab in Kendall Square has helped fuel this positive shift by creating a vibrant environment in which entrepreneurs can network, collaborate, share ideas, and impart best practices with each other.

One of our key goals at NERD is focused on helping the greater Boston technology and innovation ecosystem thrive, and with all of your guidance we feel that we’ve been able to add value and ensure that the ‘rising tide will lift all ships’.  When Dave Barrett approached us about Microsoft becoming a formal sponsor of DPL, our missions around supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem were so close that it was a no brainer. 

Our partnership with Dogpatch labs marks a significant effort to foster innovation by supporting early-stage developers with access to a network of people, resources and tools. A fundamental component of this partnership includes providing Dogpatch facilitated access to Microsoft product personnel, programs & services, including Microsoft BizSpark program reach across the virtual community clustered around the three Labs locations (Silicon Valley, New York and Cambridge). The partnership will also feature Microsoft and Dogpatch collaboration around workshops, meet-ups and other activities which extend entrepreneur access and visibility into Microsoft product organizations and with our executives

We are thrilled to be the first-ever corporate partner to the lab, and can’t wait to roll-up our sleeves and continue to deepen our partnership to ensure that the greater Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem can continue to realize its full potential.

To learn more about Dogpatch labs, click here.

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