March 2010

Revolution Starts in MA…Microsoft Announces Free Tech Training Program

We all know the only way we can collectively dig our way out of this recession is through innovation. We first need to help people bootstrap their skills and be ready to jump on the innovation train. “Revolutionary ideas happen here” in MA. Today we just helped put some powder into the cannon by announcing, alongside Governor Patrick, that through our Elevate America program we’re providing 26,000 training vouchers through 37 of the Commonwealth’s One Stop Career Centers.
Citizens of the Commonwealth will access to:

  • 13,000 vouchers for on-line courses in Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • 5,000 IT Professional courses
  • 3,000 Microsoft Office 2003 Certifications Exams
  • 5,000 Microsoft Office 2007 Certifications Exams

Know someone that needs help bootstrapping their skills? Send them to:
Check out photos from the Elevate America launch event in Boston.

Shape the Future Here!

My name is Kate Rafferty and I am a Staffing Consultant and HR Business Partner to a few of the great teams at NERD.  The goal of my blog post will be to highlight the exciting career opportunities available at NERD and also give local candidates a chance to gain insight into Microsoft’s hiring efforts in the Boston area. 

People who don’t know that Microsoft is hiring in Boston always ask what types of positions are available at this location.  NERD is a research and development center.  The bulk of our current and future roles are in core technology, therefore recruiting Software Developers, Software Testers, Program Managers and UX Designers are always a top priority for us.  There are smaller, non-technical teams based here so if you are not a techie (I’m not!), there is still hope for you, too!  If you are passionate about technology and serious about working for Microsoft, you should set up a job search agent on the Microsoft Careers Site.  This is the most effective way to keep your finger on the pulse of growth at NERD because you will receive a message each time a new position opens at this location.  Even if you are not an active job seeker today, I encourage you to be opportunistic about your career and sign up for job alerts…you never know when your ideal job is going to open up and when it does, you want to be the first to know about it!          

Job seekers are always surprised to learn about the diversity of the positions Microsoft has available in the region.  Currently, there are job openings in 4 different teams located at NERD!  While each of these groups is very different from one another, they all offer the ability to work with cutting edge technologies, solve big problems and work alongside really bright and motivated individuals.  Check out the exciting products being developed and find out more about the people behind this work here.  We are really excited about the diverse career options available at NERD and look forward to offering even more as this dynamic campus continues to develop in Cambridge.  (This is all the more reason to set up that job agent and keep informed about jobs as they become available!)      

Since Boston is a hotspot for incredibly smart and driven students, I also get a lot of questions regarding college internship opportunities.  The Redmond based Microsoft college internship program is highly competitive and highly regarded at a national level. One of the best ways you can get noticed as an intern candidate is to attend the events on your college campus that Microsoft sponsors and talk to the “Campus Recruiters” directly.  Also, start early in the school year and don’t wait until March to start sending your resume and making inquiries!  Intern spots fill quickly and because Boston is such a competitive academic environment, it is all the more reason to begin applying in the first semester of the school year.  You can learn more about the intern program and apply here.       

That’s all for now, but for all the inside scoop about the hiring process at Microsoft, interview tips from Recruiters and real stories from candidates, please visit the Microsoft JobsBlog.  Until next time, be sure to create a job alert and check this site often for news and updates about jobs at NERD!    

Happy hunting!



Bobsledding in Cambridge

My name is Dan Bernhardt.   I’m a technical writer on the App-V team at the Microsoft New England R&D Center.  I’m responsible for creating user documentation as well as other tools to help IT administrators get their jobs done.  When I’m not writing I enjoy running and coaching youth soccer.

Recently, I spent two wonderful mornings helping out at the Boston Museum of Science with National Engineers Week.  Working with a group of volunteers from companies such as IBM, Google, and of course Microsoft, as well as other organizations we helped museum staff run a program called Design Challenges.  Design challenges are simple activities where kids of all ages and adults are encouraged to build model bobsleds and boats that are then raced against the clock.  The fastest, and slowest times are recorded and posted on the screen for everyone at the museum to see.  We didn’t just measure speed we also measured how much “treasure” each model boat could carry.  Having the opportunity to work with other great volunteers, staff member s as well as the “engineers of tomorrow” was incredibly rewarding.

The Museum of Science has many volunteer opportunities and if you would like more information about how to get involved please let me know and I’d be happy to share what I know!