A Warm Welcome at the Microsoft New England R&D Center in Cambridge

| Aimee Sprung

On July 13th, 2009, 9 unique high school scholars from very different walks of life entered the offices of Microsoft in Cambridge to begin an eight-week internship, a rather life changing experience! I, Kayla M., speak for all of the high school interns when I say this internship opens the door to our future goals. We’ve been here for three weeks now, and it’s been a warm environment suitable to all of us. The culture at Microsoft is great and since the employees are the ones that shape the culture of Microsoft, indeed, the employees are great as well.

The best part about this internship is that I not only participate in amazing projects, but I also get to network and meet great people with diverse backgrounds. I’ve met some amazing people- two of them being a Principal Researcher for Microsoft Research and a Principal UX Designer for Microsoft Startup Labs. My first conversations with them were comparable to that of lifelong friends; they advised me on how to excel in the workforce and recommended the best colleges in the Bay area.

I’ve also had the opportunity to attend a few Microsoft events. I’ve had the chance to meet many people and learn new marketing and communication skills. I’ve met a few students from around the globe, participated in a webcast, and was recognized by Chancellor J. Keith Motley of UMass Boston. Very exciting!

As interns, we always talk at lunch about what our very different days consist of, and I’ve learned so much about them. I’ve gained so many new family members here and will never forget this experience. Microsoft opened the door to my career path and there isn’t anything in the world I’d trade for this experience. The feelings I have coming to work every morning are so jubilant words fail me. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime.


2009 High School Interns Take a Photo with Lauren Day, program creator

From left to right Top Row: Stacy Ogierumwense, Patrick Leonard, Christine Umeh, Saketh Kalathur, Jennifer Decopain

From left to right Bottom Row: Thomas McCormick, Lauren Day, Arjun Agarwala, Susanna Yee, Kayla Mendonca

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