Securing the new BYOD frontline: Mobile apps and data

With personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops becoming ubiquitous in the workplace, bring your own device (BYOD) strategies and security measures have evolved. The frontlines have shifted from the devices themselves to the apps and data residing on—or accessed through—them. Mobile devices and cloud-based apps have undeniably transformed the way businesses operate. But they also introduce new security and compliance risks that must be understood and mitigated. When personal and corporate … Read more »

Microsoft achieves globally recognized ISO/IEC 27018 privacy standard

Today Microsoft announced its continued commitment to further protect customers’ privacy by obtaining the globally recognized ISO/IEC 27018 privacy standard for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM Online. This achievement is designed to help assure customers of all sizes, that their most sensitive personal data will receive the strong privacy protections detailed in this standard. We know that our customers rely on us as their cloud service provider, to … Read more »

Groundbreaking project assesses public cloud for a more resilient Estonia

Cloud computing is increasingly inspiring organizations to rethink how they use IT to accomplish their goals. Around the world, we see cloud service adoption unlocking speed, scale, and economic benefits. Governments are taking note and following suit; Microsoft is helping them to use cloud services to create scalable, interactive citizen portals, collaborate more easily, deliver volumes of data to citizens all while reducing costs and ensuring the security, resilience and … Read more »

The Importance of Effective Information Sharing

This week, I testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs at a hearing on “Protecting America from Cyber Attacks: the Importance of Information Sharing.” It was good to see that the committee’s first hearing of the 114th Congress focuses on cybersecurity issues generally, and information sharing in particular, and I’d like to summarize the key points of my testimony. There is no doubt that cybersecurity is … Read more »

Data Privacy Day in a World of Cloud Computing

Since 2006, some European countries have marked Data Privacy Day, initially to raise awareness. Today, privacy is a critical consideration to cloud computing. People will not use technology they do not trust, and data privacy is an important consideration in building that trust. New technologies can make people question how their own information is controlled. As Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer mentions in his Microsoft on the Issues blog, Microsoft … Read more »

Putting Information Sharing into Context

Putting Information Sharing into Context: New Whitepaper Offers Framework for Risk Reduction The nearly incessant drumbeat of cybersecurity incidents over the past weeks and months has brought about renewed interested in information sharing across the technical and political spheres. For example, earlier this month the White House proposed legislation to encourage information sharing which President Obama also referred to in his State of the Union address. When it comes to … Read more »

Six Proposed Norms to Reduce Conflict in Cyberspace

Last month, my team launched a new white paper, “International Cybersecurity Norms, Reducing conflict in an Internet-dependent world” at the EastWest Institute’s 2014 Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit in Berlin. In the paper we explained the unique cyber risks posed by nation states’ offensive activities, and how these risks could escalate – perhaps unintentionally – to catastrophic consequence. Our goal was to outline the risks faced by society, and propose six … Read more »

Privacy considerations in a cloudy world

In today’s high tech world, individuals from around the globe can comment in real time on others social media posts and current events instantaneously. With just a few keystrokes, data, thoughts and ideas can reach around the world. In this fast paced environment, consideration of what you choose to share and to whom is more important than ever. Likewise, as organizations take advantage of the scale and economies offered by … Read more »

Privacy: Minding your business

Many years ago I was in a gang. Think short trousers, treehouses and walkie-talkies made from string and tin cans rather than the streets of LA. To be in our gang we had a rule; you had to each pick another member and tell him something in private, something only you and he would know. Needless to say we all knew each other’s secret within a few minutes. Fortunately at … Read more »

Looking Forward: Trustworthy Computing

When Bill Gates announced the Trustworthy Computing Initiative in 2002, he recognized that we needed to change both our processes and culture if we were to make fundamental changes in our products. To ensure that occurred, a centralized group was given responsibility to drive the initiative forward. At the 10 year milestone in 2012, a decade of progress was noted in a number of ways; a chief one being the … Read more »