Tips for protecting your information and privacy against cybersecurity threats

This post is authored by Steven Meyers, security operations principal, Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center. Introducing a new video on best practices from the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center In 2016, 4.2+ billion records were stolen by hackers. The number of cyberattacks and breaches in 2017 have risen 30 percent. The business sector leads in the number of records compromised so far, with more than 7.5 million exposed records in … Read more »

Tips for securing your identity against cybersecurity threats

This post is authored by Simon Pope, Principal Security Group Manager, Microsoft Security Response Center. Introducing new video on best practices from the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center Ask any CISO or cybersecurity professional about their greatest security challenge, and it’s a good chance the answer will be “the actions of our people.” While virtually all employees, contractors, and partners have the best of intentions, the fact is that protecting their … Read more »

Cybercrime and freedom of speech – A counterproductive entanglement

This post is authored by Gene Burrus, Assistant General Counsel. As cybercrime becomes ever more pervasive, the need for states to devote law enforcement resources to battling the problem is apparent. However, states should beware using cybercrime legislation and enforcement resources as a vehicle for restricting speech or controlling content. Doing so risks complicating essential international cooperation and will risk de-legitimizing cybercrime legislation and enforcement. With the growing need for enforcement … Read more »

Three basic security hygiene tips from Microsoft’s Identity Team

This post is authored by Alex Weinert from the Identity Division’s Security and Protection Team. Hey there! I want to share three basic hygiene tips for account protection that every organization should consider. Applying these will go a long way in making sure that only the right users get into to their accounts (and all the things those accounts give access to). While there are many great security features available from … Read more »

Simple steps to help prevent data breaches at your company

Every company has cybersecurity risks and needs to be aware of them, but understanding your company’s risk profile is just the beginning. Watch this Modern Workplace episode “Cyber Intelligence: Help Prevent a Breach” to get advice on how to best approach cybersecurity at your company from two Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) – Vanessa Pegueros, CISO at DocuSign, and Mike Convertino, CISO at F5 Networks. Learn how these seasoned security … Read more »

7 types of highly effective hackers (and what to do about them)

Would you know what to do if you drew the attention of a hacktivist group? Knowing that damages from a hacktivist attack are typically minor is no relief, as a breach will surely damage your reputation. However, knowing about the different types of hackers, what motivates them, and the tools and techniques they use, can help better prepare your organization to protect against them. Attacks on organizations around the world … Read more »

How the Asia-Pacific region is advancing cybersecurity

Earlier this year, my team and I had the great privilege and pleasure of spending several days in Japan, participating in the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) Symposium. We also met with industry colleagues to discuss global cybersecurity trends and opportunities to engage in public policy, and met with Japanese government partners to examine the question of cloud security.

Use Enterprise Threat Detection to find “invisible” cyberattacks

This post is authored by Roberto Bamberger, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. Amongst the plethora of stories about cyberattacks in the news, multiple recent articles have been published describing the more difficult to detect cyberattacks which leverage normal tools, already present in an enterprise, to achieve their mission. SecureList calls the techniques used in these situations “invisible” and “diskless”. This post describes the challenges your organization can face in detecting … Read more »

How the GDPR is driving CISOs’ agendas

As an Executive Security Advisor for the Central and Eastern European region, I engage every day with Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to learn their thoughts and concerns. One very hot topic raised at nearly every meeting, conference or seminar I attend with customers and partners, regards the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. In essence, the GDPR is fundamentally about protecting and enabling the privacy rights of individuals. It … Read more »