A cornerstone to trust in technology – compliance – proves foundational as more U.S. government organizations adopt cloud services

Government agencies want the economic benefits of cloud computing, but this alone isn’t always enough to make the case for change. To move forward, decision makers want to understand the security, privacy and compliance commitments of their cloud service provider. We continue to track and complete a number of attestations and compliance certifications, confirming controls are in place that help enable cloud solutions for government organizations. And, while compliance represents … Read more »

Microsoft achieves globally recognized ISO/IEC 27018 privacy standard

Today Microsoft announced its continued commitment to further protect customers’ privacy by obtaining the globally recognized ISO/IEC 27018 privacy standard for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM Online. This achievement is designed to help assure customers of all sizes, that their most sensitive personal data will receive the strong privacy protections detailed in this standard. We know that our customers rely on us as their cloud service provider, to … Read more »

Reflecting on Cybersecurity

As we finish up the first month of 2015, I’ve found myself reflecting not just on recent events, but on the past year and the past decade. Cybersecurity is not a new discipline by any means, but there always seems to be a new dimension that surfaces which forces our perspective to evolve as well. On February 2, 2004, I started my first day at work in Trustworthy Computing. Scott … Read more »

Microsoft partners with cities and governments to improve cybersecurity for citizens

City life is changing – there is no doubt about that. Unprecedented population shifts and extraordinary growth have impacted how urban populations live and work together. For city leaders, this rapid change has created not only unique challenges, but also significant opportunities. Many are looking to technologies like the Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to solve growing problems, and for good reason. The Cloud increases efficiency and simplifies … Read more »

7 Precautions for Protecting Against Perpetrators

Cyberattacks and data breaches continue to dominate the news globally. The reality is that most organizations face the same often reported threats and are carrying on their work towards counteracting those risks. Some organizations victimized by cybercriminals have shared information publicly. Others have chosen to conduct investigations and share information about the attack in a more limited way, or not at all. As a result, media themes related to cyberattacks … Read more »

Trustworthy Cloud Series: Managing Secure Cloud Operations

It is not uncommon to hear organizations of all sizes – small startups to large enterprises cite benefits such as scalability and cost savings as reasons to move to the cloud. The cloud can also free up resources enabling organizations to focus more on their core business. However, when it comes to choosing a cloud provider, how do you decide who to trust with your most sensitive information? For many … Read more »

Cybercrime, Data Protection, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Most people are familiar with the concept of an arms race. In the world of cybersecurity, this phrase is also in use. A cybersecurity “arms race” typically refers to escalating responses when one party creates a threat, and then a counter-measure is created to meet the new threat head on, resulting in a new baseline which then requires ever more sophisticated attacks in order to be successful. For better or … Read more »

Customer Spotlight: BLK Super Specialty Hospital

Delivering great Healthcare becomes a reality when the whole team knows what is going on with the patient.  How are some Hospitals connecting all of the various practitioners, caregivers and medical services throughout the patient’s entire course of medical treatment?  Many are turning to Cloud Services to ensure information flows seamlessly and all aspects of the Hospital stay are connected optimally to enable quick, accurate and safe medical care. BLK … Read more »

Microsoft “Trust Centers” provide integral information for Cloud-related decisions

Customers tell us they’d like more information as to how we protect data, certifications that our services have obtained, and how we address security in the cloud. To address these questions, we’ve put together a number of resources on four Cloud Trust Centers.  See more >>