Experts: Don’t blame the victims of youth ‘selfies’

It’s a mistake to blame young people who take sexually explicit photos or videos of themselves when those images end up being redistributed over the Internet, according to experts who gathered in London this week to discuss a new study by the U.K.-based Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). It’s also a mistake to assume that the images, sometimes referred to as “selfies,” were taken voluntarily by the children who appear in … Read more »

Part 1: New data on youth “nudes” show disturbing trend

Young people around the globe are taking and sharing nude photos and videos of themselves, and the phenomenon appears to be occurring among younger and younger age groups, according to results from a new study sponsored by Microsoft. Data released today by the UK-based Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) show 17.5 percent of the more than 3,800 sexually explicit photos and videos analyzed by IWF late last year were produced by … Read more »

Safer Internet Day 2015: This year, “Do 1 (More) Thing” to stay safer online

One year ago today, Microsoft asked people across the globe to #Do1Thing to stay safer and more secure online by taking what may have been a first step toward safeguarding their digital lifestyles. Today, on Safer Internet Day 2015, we want everyone to add to last year’s pledges and #Do1MoreThing to become cyber savvy. In addition, we’re launching new interactive resources for young people on the Microsoft YouthSpark Hub to … Read more »

Get security updates for September 2014

Microsoft releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month. How to check for the latest updates. This bulletin announces the release of security updates for Windows, Microsoft Office, and other programs. Learn how to get security updates automatically For IT Pros: Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2014 To get more information about security updates and other privacy and security issues delivered to your email inbox, sign up for our newsletter. … Read more »

Congratulations! You’ve won $800,000!!

Well, maybe not. But that’s just one of the many ploys that scammers send in their relentless efforts to part people from their money or sensitive personal information like passwords and account numbers. Microsoft is asking people to take a survey of their experience with online fraud—what kinds of scams they’ve encountered (including those on mobile devices and Facebook), how concerned they are about online or phone fraud, and what … Read more »

5 passwords you should never use

This is part three of three posts on stronger passwords. Part 1: Create stronger passwords and protect them Part 2: Do you know your kids’ passwords? The news is filled with stories about hackers cracking passwords. You can help avoid being a victim by never, ever using these passwords: Password. Believe it or not, this is still a common password. Don’t use it. Letmein. We recommend that you use passphrases … Read more »

Do you know your kids’ passwords?

This is the second of two blog posts on password protection. Read Part 1: Create strong passwords and protect them. Whether or not you should know all of your kids’ passwords depends on their age, how responsible they are, and your parenting values. However, kids of any age and responsibility level need to know how to create strong passwords and how to protect those passwords. Sharing is great, but not … Read more »

Create stronger passwords and protect them

All week we’ll be posting our best guidance on how to create, protect, and manage your passwords. Passwords are your first line of defense against hackers. Pick passwords that are difficult to crack but easy for you to remember. What does “difficult to crack” mean? Each time cybercriminals hack into a database of passwords, they learn more about the kinds of passwords that people use. (Come back on Friday to … Read more »

Why do I have to update my email account information?

We’ve noticed comments from many of you asking why we want you to verify your Microsoft security information. We’d like to explain why verifying this information is important. To help protect your email account and your personal data, we ask everyone who has a Microsoft account to make sure that the security information associated with their account is correct and up to date. When your security information (like an alternate … Read more »

Back-to-school checklist: Clean up my digital life

Ever wonder what your online image says about you? Do you constantly “check in” on social media, take daily selfies, or post the latest images of your kids? In an era of seemingly non-stop online sharing of our thoughts, images, and experiences, it’s important to understand the lasting impact our digital actions have on us and those around us. US households have an average of 5.7 devices for personal and … Read more »