Customer Spotlight: BLK Super Specialty Hospital

Delivering great Healthcare becomes a reality when the whole team knows what is going on with the patient.  How are some Hospitals connecting all of the various practitioners, caregivers and medical services throughout the patient’s entire course of medical treatment?  Many are turning to Cloud Services to ensure information flows seamlessly and all aspects of the Hospital stay are connected optimally to enable quick, accurate and safe medical care. BLK … Read more »

Your email belongs to you, not us

Microsoft is committed to delivering meaningful privacy protections that build trust with our customers, and we know how much you value the contents of your email.  We believe your email belongs to you, not us, and that it should receive the same privacy protection as paper letters sent by mail–no matter where it is stored.  Read more >>

Microsoft “Trust Centers” provide integral information for Cloud-related decisions

Customers tell us they’d like more information as to how we protect data, certifications that our services have obtained, and how we address security in the cloud. To address these questions, we’ve put together a number of resources on four Cloud Trust Centers.  See more >>

Protecting customer email from government eyes

At Microsoft, we know that customer trust is essential to our business. People will use technology only if they can trust it, and our commitment to protecting customer data is an important element in building and maintaining that trust. The issue of who owns email is at the center of an important hearing in U.S. federal court in New York this week.  See more>>

Protecting Data and Privacy in the Cloud: Part 3

In my last blog post, I made the point that consumers and organizations choose a cloud service based on their ability to trust that the cloud service provider will protect their privacy. At Microsoft we work to earn that trust with specific data protection measures in place and with a promise to use data in a manner consistent with customer expectations. Our enterprise customers can rest assured that the data … Read more »

My “Desert Island Half-Dozen” – recommended reading for resilience

When I speak with customers, they often ask how they can successfully change the culture of their IT organization when deciding to implement a resilience engineering practice. Over the past decade I’ve collected a number of books and articles which I have found to be helpful in this regard, and I often recommend these resources to customers. I’ve included my favorites below, in no particular order, with a short explanation … Read more »

Protecting Data and Privacy in the Cloud: Part 2

Microsoft understands that a customer’s willingness to use a particular cloud computing service depends on their ability to trust that the privacy of their information will be protected, and that their data will only be used in a manner consistent with customer expectations. But even the best designed and implemented services can only protect customer data if they are deployed in a secured environment.  See more >>

Cyberspace 2025: Today’s Decisions, Tomorrow’s Terrain

What does the future look like?  To take a closer look, Microsoft has released a report called “Cyberspace 2025: Today’s Decisions, Tomorrow’s Terrain.”  How will the choices organizations make at present, affect their ability to shape the social, economic and demographic changes a decade from now?  See more >>