Is that call from Microsoft a scam?

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A reader writes:

I received a call from someone who claimed that my computer had been identified by Microsoft as vulnerable. I thought it sounded fake, and I told them that I had no way to know if they were who they said they were. Then they said they could prove that they were from Microsoft by giving me my serial number if I would go to a website called

Is this call a scam?

Yes. This is a scam. This is not a legitimate call from Microsoft. Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) about your computer security or software fixes.

If you receive a call like this one, it’s a scam, and all you need to do is hang up.

Cybercriminals often use publicly available phone directories, so they might know your name and other personal information when they call you. They might even guess what operating system you’re using. It’s still a scam.

Don’t let scammers encourage you to install dangerous software

Once cybercriminals gain your trust, they might ask for your user name and password or ask you to go to a legitimate website (such as to install software that will let them access your computer to fix it. Once you do this, your computer and your personal information are vulnerable.

Do not trust unsolicited calls. Do not provide any personal information.

Although law enforcement can trace phone numbers, perpetrators often use pay phones, disposable cellular phones, or stolen cellular phone numbers. It’s better to avoid being conned rather than try to repair the damage afterwards.

For more information, see Avoid tech support phone scams.

I think I might have already fallen for this scam

If you think you might be a victim of fraud, you can report it. For more information, see What to do if you think you have been a victim of a scam.

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  1. Anonymous

    I got a call for MS for having my account being temporary blocked. My account is temporary blocked and I can not get into this. The person said they were from MS and need to install Silver and Bing before my account gets unblocked.

    I never user Silver or Bing so I said no and hang up.

    Was this a call real from MS or was it a fake?

    How can unlock my temporary block? I tried the links in other article and none worked. OR should I have listed to the person that called me from MS and install silver and Bing to get my account back.

  2. Anonymous

    I've received dozens of these calls and so have people that I know. Started at least 2 years ago. You can always tell they are scammers by the fake telephone number [if you have caller ID]. I've seen numbers like V1000000000 or 000-000-0000.

    I know that they are fake but I know 2 that almost got "caught".

    But they are dumb enough to keep on calling even though you hung up on them.

  3. Anonymous

    I got a call from this number (201-604-4637) and they indicated they were from Microsoft tech department.   Said that my system was sending errors.   I gave them permission to have access to my computer (bad mistake).  When I noticed they put a password in that was questionable (SAM Lock Tool), I immediately hit control alt delete and shut down my computer.   When I rebooted it came up requesting a password that I did not know.   I did a repair on the computer and it is now working properly.   I then contacted my bank and credit card company to change numbers.

    They tried to call back numberous times.   I have now blocked their number.


  4. Anonymous

    I too, received a call from someone that sounded either Indian or Pakistani, claiming they were from Microsoft. They told me that my computer's security license had expired and I could renew it for $180 for 2 years and $550 for life. It sounded suspicious, especially when he told me he would read my computer's serial #. It wasn't even close. I asked for written proof that he actually worked for Microsoft and he kept stalling and so I finally hung up. I'm hoping I did the right thing. One last item: I checked the caller ID on my phone and saw only "Private Caller" with no phone number. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks

  5. Anonymous

    I have received several calls from someone claiming to be a Windows Support person. He told me that my computer (WINDOWS) had been hacked an was being used for illegal use. He wanted me to go turn on my computer while he was on the phone so he could prove this, saying he would instruct me what to do. I have put him off' till I checked with Microsoft. Good thing I didn't fall for his lie.

  6. Anonymous

    I have received three phone calls in the past three days from these idiots. They are relentless.  They told me they were from Microsoft and had received indications that my computer had been receiving downloads of junk files, malicious software, etc. I asked one guy to tell me the dates this supposedly happened and he said that he needed to remotely access my computer in order to determine when these files were downloaded. I asked him how he knew these malicious files were downloaded without having a log or some other reports that showed the dates. He continued saying I would have to turn on my computer and let him have remote access and I kept hammering at him to tell me the dates. He finally became exasperated and yelled "three days ago, ok, three days ago." That's when I called him a liar and hung up.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi all, i can not access my microsoft Hotmail account, when i try to log in it asks me a question which is " did you request to change your security info" And also it says that microsoft is will send a verification to alternative email which is doesnt exist any more! Can anyone help me how to get back into my account please? Anyone who had experienced this problem before?


    Thank you,

    Ahmed Hassan

  8. Anonymous

    They somehow use any ph# out there I even got a call from my own home number. I have reported dozens of numbers to the FED do not call center and have blocked my limit on my phone before I found out that they use any number they want. SOMEBODY has to stop this. Many people are being ripped off daily. I get three to five a day at all hours. Please Microsoft use some of your power to go after these criminals.

  9. Anonymous

    I have had 3 phone calls from fake MS Wanting a 100dollars to fix computer problems.  

  10. Anonymous

    this is a regualar thing for me i get 3 phone calls a week claiming to be from windows and have probally had over 400  of them by now.

    thay are normally either Indian or Pakistani but i have had females trying it on aswell

    i now this is a scam i was first introduced to it by my cousan 4 years ago thay was fretaning to block his computer saying that thay had track down his computer and it was coursing problems for other people and by not giving them remote access so thay could fix the problem he was violation terms of his microsoft agreement and his computer would be blocked

    so eventchally he gave them remote access to his computer then thay started changing his pay pal password and scowering his computer for bank details my cousan doesnt now any thing about computers an fourt turning of the power would stop them but when he loged back into his computer he found that the scammer still had remote access.

    its the things thay can do behind the seens that is the scary thing like  (viruses and trojans)

    aslo any repitible company would'nt hang up when you start questioning there credeshalls

    and im shore microsoft and their parnters wouldnt use (caller with held their number)

    (microsoft wouldnt contact you they will wait for you to contact them)

    every time micro soft have contacted me in the past its been frow window live and their you can see who you are talking to you you have a case number and have their microsoft id number

    this must be a very successfull scam as it seams to be one that nether goe's away

  11. Anonymous

    These scams are not limited to the US, got several calls in the UK. Really I have some errors in the event log? – oh no should have got a Mac – lol.

    The response that appeared to cause most consternation was to politely follow the script until I got given the URL for the scammers to install their remote control software (which was getmein) then tell them "thank you for that info, I can now hack the correct site"

  12. Anonymous

    As I myself fix pcs for family and friends. I have had to totally wipe a pc one for someone who fell for this trap. I myselfhave gotten that call and I enjoy hanging up on them.

  13. Anonymous

    Well reading personal emails one showed up that said MS thought I was being hacked and I would have to re-sign in. I closed out and now can not get back in to my emails. I have also received a couple calls from someone with an eastern accent saying they can get my email back going for $199. I have not signed in or out of my email account for a long time and don't remember my password. My wife is in the same boat on this. I had a passcode sent to her account once but as soon as I entered it and went to sign back in it did the same thing all over again.

  14. Anonymous

    I received a call yesterday from someone of the Indian/Pakistani area identifying herself as microsoft support and that my computer had been a victim of a microsoft virus and she would help me correct it.  She instructed me to go to the computer and asked what icons appeared on my desktop.  She then said it did have a virus and she would correct it for me.  She said what do you see at the bottom left, to hold the microsoft button and push "r". This brought me to an address box at the bottom left side.  She wanted me to input data there; I started then stopped because I felt this would let her in my system.  I erased the letters (I hadn't completed her instructions) and told her "how do I know who you are" and asked for a number to call her back.  She said ok, I understand and gave me 888 961-4988 and told me to ask for Ashley.  I did not call back.  The address of the incoming call was V62615091500507.

  15. Anonymous

    I have the real numbers of the afgan id thievs operating out of San Jose,California they say the are Microsoft techs the main number is 408-915-5325 cell phone is 661-748-0240.they stold my id filed tax check and tried everything to get my bank but I was suspusious and changed passwords right away. I reported to dist att, BBB ohio attorney general and trade commission. these people are probally terrorist collecting money I know they have been operating over a year in San Jose I cant get out there or I would track them down since no one else will .I am sure there are some americans out there that can find out where these numbers an address or something .If you can find them contact me at .513-376-4088 I am not worried about those thieves, scum of the earth that hide like a thief in the night .I just heard from them again this week. They threatened me if let the scam out because I told them I  was able to trace them .They are calling back now wanting to get in your computer to make an adjustment then they will return your money .DONT BUY IT

  16. Anonymous

    I too received a call from someone name John Roswell about my computer sending out errors and that he was Microsoft.

  17. Anonymous

    I just received a call from someone who said they were from the Windows Corporation.  He sounded like he was from India.  When I asked him why his number was listed as private on my caller i.d., he said he was speaking to me over a computer line, not a phone line.  Anyway, he asked if I owned my computer.  He claimed that my computer was sending out error signals and needed to be fixed.  He said that he would read my my computer registration number.  I told him that this did not sound legitimate and hung up.

  18. Anonymous

    I just got a call from a guy with an Indian dialect – saying he was from Microsoft and knew I was getting errors logging in.  WEIRD – because I WAS having trouble logging in, but it was into my Linked-in account.  I started asking questions and couldn't understand him, so I just hung up and turned my computer off!  How do we catch these guys?? The number he called me from is (845) 335-2990.  It registers as NY USA. Need to SHUT these thieves down!!!  Microsoft – can you help????

  19. Anonymous

    why wont you post my comment about catching these thieves.I have 2 good phone numbers on them,408-915-5325 and 661-748-0240. Ihave been in contact with them trying to scam me for over a year and they stole my tdenty and i have filed reports with everyone available they operate out of San Jose that has been verified by the BBb. It seems microsoft at least would want to stop them I talked to the DA there and they cant .I am just asking for anybody with the knowledge to trace the number to where they are .an address would go a long way to get them prosecuted I have spent many hours on the phone filing reports and trying to get an address but now I need help to get these scumbags stopped from ripping off the thousands they have got to the last few years.also they are very slick in conning people. these foreign #%&(*^% are in our countrylets get them out

  20. Anonymous

    "Jordan" just called me.   I asked for his number and said I would call back.  I did call back and he actually answered.  I hung up.   2 minutes later he called and asked me to please, please turn on my computer and we could get started.  I told him, again, that I would call back.   The number he gave me and he answers is 1 877 3150 746.   Yes, this is actually how he gave it to me…..a tip off that he was not legit….no one gives a phone number with those pauses!   Also, my caller I read Unknown Caller.

  21. Anonymous

    I received a call this morning, the person said my computer was being used to send malicious content. I have not and to my knowledge will not do this. The phone number that called me is (767) 275-9068. I think this is a scam but cannot be sure. the person that called sounded either Indian or some other country in that area of the world.

  22. Anonymous

    They called me saying that they were from Microsoft, in a division that protected their customers from fraud and that my computer had been hacked and was being used for illegal use without my knowledge. They then wanted me to let their technician have access to my computer to clean up the viruses and remove all the hidden programs that had been placed on it.

    This phone number has been calling me for the last week, even up to 10:00pm.  I tracked it with the reverse directory and found it is registered to someone in Minnesota.

    Robert B Arrington

    306 Snelling Ave S Apt 7

    Saint Paul, MN 55105-2049

    When I tried to call his number it rang and then went to some corning recording on an answering machine that said it was out of service. I have a feeling that this guy is using his address and phone number for fraudulent activity for foreign criminals. My callers sounded like they were from India

    Please prosecute this guy!

    Thank you for your assistanc

  23. Anonymous

    I received a call today from some claiming to be from Microsoft security telling me my computer had an infection. I could tell English was not his primary language. I questioned the legitimacy of the call and he gave me some bogus ID number. He asked me to turn on my computer and I asked him "which one? I have several in my house." He wanted to know if I was using a laptop or PC. At this point, I told him I had my PC on when in fact I did not. I asked him for a call back number and I knew my suspicions were right when he was laughing while making up some number and factious name.

  24. Anonymous

    They called me saying that they were from Microsoft, in a division that protected their customers from fraud and that my computer had been hacked and was being used for illegal use without my knowledge. They then wanted me to let their technician have access to my computer to clean up the viruses and remove all the hidden programs that had been placed on it.

    This phone number has been calling me for the last week, even up to 10:00pm.  I tracked it with the reverse directory and found it is registered to someone in Minnesota.

    Robert B Arrington

    306 Snelling Ave S Apt 7

    Saint Paul, MN 55105-2049

    When I tried to call his number it rang and then went to some corning recording on an answering machine that said it was out of service. I have a feeling that this guy is using his address and phone number for fraudulent activity for foreign criminals. My callers sounded like they were from India

  25. Anonymous

    received a call from Microsoft "Tech" phone number 212 547 8912 indicating there was a problem with my windows program.  They wanted me to delete a folder and enter data on my control panel.  i became suspicious and asked if i could call microsoft to verify.  they provided me with this number 1-888-314 1831,  when i called the number i did not get a "hello this is microsoft" type greeting.  but another person (these appear to be people with accents from asian countries like pakistan or india); so while talking with him i accessed this website and read to him microsoft's message about their organization being a scam.  He immediately hung up.  

  26. Anonymous

    Had someone just try a similar scam claiming they work for windows technical support

    Number was 702 309 4525

    Tried to make out he knew all about my system but when i pushed for more details he was clueless he also tried guessing my ip

    Does Microsoft have a link anywhere to report this

  27. Anonymous

    I received a call today claiming they were from windows and my computer was sending them error reports.  I felt it was a scam but I did not hang up right away. I went to my computer and they had me check my licence ID which they knew.  I felt it still suspicious so I hung up.  Tried calling microsoft got to a number that had me allowing them access to my computer told me I had spyware and that there were information that said  established which meant there were threats on my computer which they could fix most free of charge except spyware and threats I hung up.

    Anyway that's my story, hope I did not do any damage.  I ran a full scan and found nothing.

  28. Anonymous

    I just received a phone call from an Indian sounding guy.  He was also saying that he was from Microsoft and that somebody was trying to break into my computer.  It did not sound right from the beginning.  He wanted me to push windows R to RUN something.  It sounded like he was trying to send me to the website, but I challenge him that by saying why would I trust him.  He was going to give me his phone number.  I should have gotten it and then I should have e-mailed Microsoft with that information.  At least I was not scammed and I was able to warn others of another scam.  

  29. Anonymous

    I keep getting emails that say they are from Microsoft Team, but the email address's are always different. It tells me to upgrade and CLICK HERE, I deleted them. They don't look like real Microsoft emails! Are they?

  30. Anonymous

    I get this every once in a while…. this time I played along and told him I needed to do this, but was busy and could not do just then.

    He gave me his number to call him back…..

    Problem is now, I don't see anybody who pursues these criminals.

    If anybody knows who I can call to give this phone number so they can pursue, then by all means, let me know.

  31. Anonymous

    I saved their telephone number, Vidas, Marie l, 818 391-8506.  I gave them nothing.  My question is where is Microsoft ?  I would think they should be more proactive in a situation like this and others.

  32. Anonymous

    I too, have received numerous calls from a person. First time this person had  asked me to let him have access to my computer so that he could update my windows defender. He also stated that my anti-virus called AVG needed to be update. I asked, who did you say you are. He replied, that he was an agent affiliated with Microsoft. His company name is AXPRISS. and that his name was David Brown. I replied how convenient.  I told him, First of all I do not have AVG anti virus and that Windows Defender up dates it self.

    He started calling late at night around 11:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. in the morning. I thought  at that time of night it was some kind of emergency. Again this person asked that I stay of my computer for a whole day so that he could fix my Windows Defender. I said Microsoft would send out a notice if there was something wrong with it.  I also forgot to mention by this time he knew my name.  

    The last time I started yelling at him and hung up. He kept calling me back asking for me not to yell at him. I told him there was no way I was letting him have access to my computer and that he was trying to scam my computer. I hung up again and he repeatedly kept calling hear until I had to take the phone off it's line.

    Yesterday I was on line and all of a sudden I had no control of my computer. I ran my virus scan, it found that malware, Trojans and virus had all been download along with programs that I never downloaded. These just came on automatically.

    What do I do now?  I can not delete these off my computer now, even though I deleted them off once it downloaded. It down loads it self when I go online.

  33. Anonymous

    My mom recently got one of these calls. Fortunately she was too smart for them. According to her they said Microsoft them we hadn't updated our computer in a while and he wanted her to do something that would allow him to remotely fix it. He even gave my mom a website to establish his credibility.  My mom said he had maybe an Indian accent, but the website he gave her she said claimed to be Canadian.  The most shocking thing was that we really hadn't been able to update our computer in a while.  We've since had that fixed through legitimate means,  but it leaves us wondering how they knew that?  Or was it a really lucky guess? My mom is suspicious that when we had our computer repaired at Staples they put a bug on to monitor the computer, but I strongly doubt that.  Anyway,  they've recently called her back, only to receive a yelling at by her, but I saw the caller ID that time. It was 0-000-000-0000, which according to a quick Google search,  means that they've faked their caller ID somehow.

  34. Anonymous

    I also received a call today from someone saying they work for Microsoft IT , they said they have been receiving messages that my computer was not protected and requested access to my computer.  I asked them for their phone number and was given the number 1 800 490-7145.  The caller identified himself as . . . Smith with a very heavy Indian accent.   I called that number back and the same person answered the phone but the name of the company was different

    I couldn't understand the name of it due to the person's very heavy accent!

    These are Hackers!!!!$

  35. Anonymous

    Just had a call from foreigners stating that they were from Microsoft Tech and that there was a virus on my computer that needed to be removed.  They said they could verify it with my Windows License number.  I hung up.  My caller ID said    Belles CAMP COM  #1-714-733-5601.  

  36. Anonymous

    Just had a similar call from someone calling himself Peter. He said my Microsoft account had been compromised and someone had hacked in and was using it illegally. He said I had been listed as using my computer illegally I would be closed down,and my screen would go blank in 10 minutes. I think he wanted me to switch on the computer so he could talk me through a procedure to put things 'right' (!!!!!) I hung up. My daughter was yelling'just hang up!' but I want to warn people not to let themselves be panicked into doing what they say. I think it would be really easy for this to happen, especially when they quote your name and address and say they know your serial number. Watch out! Needless to say, my laptop is working perfectly!

  37. Anonymous

    I received a call from 416-364-1111 from someone with Indian or Pakistani accent. he was calling to tell me something was wrong with my computer. I recognized it as a scam and told him I was reporting the number to the F.B.I. He immediately hung up.

  38. Anonymous

    Also just had a call from female purporting to be microsoft, background noise of a busy call centre, telling me that someone was illegally accessing my laptop.  When I told her my laptop is in a cupboard turned off and has been for two years she changed her mind and said it could be my desktop.  I asked how I could verify who she was and that the call was genuine and she gave me a 1-800 number. I explained that I am in the UK and cannot dial US 1-800 numbers so she asked me to call US 8683121010.  I declined to speak with her any further and hung up.  Is this one of the known scammers ?

  39. Anonymous

    I got the scam call today. They said they were calling with microsoft…. my caller I.D said Linda Chung and the number was 347-518-1811. I just said " YEP… RIGHT " and hung up. I hope they get caught.

  40. Anonymous

    I received a call from MICHIGAN at 989-696-1012 who identified himself as MICROSOFT TECH SUPPORT and proceeded to hand me a line of garbage until I told him I worked for IBM.  Instant hang-up.

    He sounded like he would fool the uninitiated and got kind of mad when I questioned his technical knowledge.

    If you get this call about how your computer is sending something to MS servers, HANG UP and report it, please.

  41. Anonymous

    Got this scam call last night 9M   Caller ID 704-325-9110.   Someone should get NC to prosecute.

  42. Anonymous

    New Scammer calling from 478-225-4878 stating they are Microsoft Security and need access to your computer – NO DO give it to them.  They will just keep calling until someone picks up. They state (and normally in a foreign accent) that your computer has a virus and they need to clean it.  They will not tell you how they got your phone number and cannot state who they are calling.  I have receive this scammer.s calls in Tucson and in Phoenix AZ.  Please DO NOT fall for this scam.

  43. Anonymous

    Been getting theses calls for 2 years now.on and off,always Indian,Punjab,Pakistani…etc…So for fun I listened to one of them,they walked me through some B.S  and when they got to the part about giving them my Microsoft Reg # (or something like it)I asked for a phone I could call them back,the guy kept asking me the same question again and again that he needed a number to fix my computer problems.I finally laughed and hung up.Now when they call I just screw with them,and tell them I don't have a computer anymore that I just use the one at the Library,they hang up immediately and usually don't call back again for a month or two.If you just hang up, your number just goes into the recycle list and they'll keep calling.sometimes I tell them they are calling an emergency number at a Police Station or something, and ask for their Federal I.D number or whatever sounds like fun at the time. I did telemarketing for  years,and these guys are all thieves and scammers,so I might as well get a laugh out of it.By the way,DON"T EVER GIVE ANY  PERSONAL INFORMATION,MONEY,ADDRESS,NAMES OF FREINDS,YOUR NEIGHBORS,EVEN YOUR PETS, TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE THAT YOU DON'T KNOW PERSONALLY! ! ! EVEN COMPANIES WHO SAY THEY'RE CONDUCTING A SURVEY WILL GATHER AND SELL YOUR INFORMATION OR USE IT TO GET THROUGH SECURITY QUESTIONS WHEN HACKING YOUR FINANCIALS. 90% of those calling you on the phone asking for something are SCAMS ! ! !  AND I SHOULD KNOW… GOOD LUCK

  44. Anonymous

    Received a call last night 9:30 pm in Alberta, Canada-from 1-630-894-0625, first an Pakistani woman, then after i shot her a few questions such as; how did you get my #, how do i know you're not a hacker, she then put a man on….they claimed that my computer had been hacked, slowly destroying my files and wanted me to go on my computer right away…i thought for SURE it suspicious, would not let me go to bed, I told them to send me an email explaining everything and wound up hanging up on him…can ANYTHING be done about these people before someone naive falls for this and gets scammed big time?

  45. Anonymous

    I keep getting these calls also. They have a deep accent (Indian?) and say their name(s) is/are Jeff, Adam etc.American first names. I just hang up on them loudly>I am getting a loud whistle to blow their brains and ears up. They keep calling at least once a month. THEY WONT CALL ME AGAIN AFTER I HAVE TAKEN THE ABOVE STEPS!


  46. Anonymous

    When in doubt hang up.Better to be (rude) and safe than sorry!!

  47. Anonymous

    I received a call from them yesterday on my home phone, saying they were from 'Windows'. I asked repeatedly if they worked for MS and he finally said no.   I have a do-not-call number and have been in that registry for years. They said things that others above have said, that my security was at risk and that I could check some number on my computer to know that they were legit  

    I challenged them at numerous points and let them take control remotely briefly because I wanted to see what they were talking about.  That was a mistake, obviously.

    This is what I saw while they were looking at my computer remotely:

    1. – they asked me to go to the Run function and type in 'eventvwr'   which showed a lot of hacking attempts.  

    2. Then they had me input 'inf'' in Run which showed a number of files for which MS had no programs, as more evidence of some hackers having taken over my computer.

    3. then they had me type  in Run.

    4.  At some point the address showed up in one of the dialogue boxes.

    5.  Then they showed me some other screen allegedly from my computer that showed the Windows Firewall had crashed.  At that point I knew for sure that this was a scam when I checked and saw that my firewall was just fine. I told him that I didn't trust him and wanted him to stop the remote control and stop this call.  He hung up immediately.

    6.  I ran virus and malware scans immediately after that and nothing showed up, thankfully.

    I asked for a phone number and they gave me the one that people listed above, which is in Seattle, 206-462-5449.  After I ended the call I called that number and got a live person, but he didn't say what business it was.

    Microsoft, I think you need to do more pro-active outreach warning about this and similar problems to us, your clientele.  It is not sufficient to have this conversation buried in your website.  It is only because I am a little tech-savvy that I was skeptical but I still went further in the conversation than I should have.  

  48. Anonymous

    One sounding Indian called me last week claiming to be from "Windows Technical Department" and telling me that my computer had been hacked into and that my IP information was vulnerable and perhaps being accessed by many other people.  He said if I didn't believe he was who he claimed he was, I could call his manager at an 800 number, or email him.  I didn't trust him, so talked with a friend before he called back, who told me it was surely a scam.  The scammer  has called back several times, including today.  The number I answered today actually did register on my phone:  44121703631.  I hung up on him.

  49. Anonymous

    I have received three similar calls.  The last two times Neil from windows support called.  Said that my computer was sending numerous error messages to windows indicating various viruses and the computer would soon be irreparably damaged.  To prove he was legit, he wanted to pull up a windows id on my computer and he would then read it to me to prove he was from windows support.  The first call they told me their return number was 1-323-984-8887.  The second time they hung up when I asked for their last name. The last time I played along long enough for him to give me his number of 1-213-785-8171.  I then told him my computer was not connected to the internet and he hung up again.   Beware!!!!    Note — It does not appear that Microsoft has a mechanism to report or deal with these scam issues.  They just refer you to FTC…..  Not much help……

  50. Anonymous

    Got a call from 984-511-1645, I asked for a call back number just in case we got disconnected and got 1-800-110-4301. They wanted me to go to Please spread the word these guys are robbing innocent people.

  51. Anonymous

    i was called by these people pretending to be  Microsoft Technicians,  it was 4:30 in the morning.  They wanted me to rush to my computer and turn it on. I asked where they were calling from, the said California. I said i would not turn my computer on for anyone at 4:30 in the morning, and why would a true Microsoft Tech not know the time difference.

    I hung up of course when you look at the caller ID it some number that does not make sense.

  52. Anonymous

    I also receive these calls, both in the US and in Canada.  My response is always, "You must be mistaken. I have a Mac."

    End of conversation.

  53. Anonymous

    Just tell them your computer is an Apple Mac or you run Linus. They just hang up.

  54. Anonymous

    I haven't any idea how many of these calls I have received but definitely am tired of them.  My daughter-in-law is Indian and her dad obviously has an Indian accent.  One morning after receiving two calls from the same person claiming to be from Microsoft, when the phone rang for a third time and I heard the caller's accent, I was angry and all too ready to start shouting.   Embarrassed, I had to quickly apologize and explain my improper behavior.  

  55. Anonymous

    Like many others I have had the same call – one sure way of dealing with these is to ask the to provide the

    official password that you have been provided. And insist on it. You know the password but there is no password. They don’t know this and They soon get fed up. I went through three people each saying what password and getting more angry each time and shouting down the phone. Eventually getting fed up and putting the phone down. The password is not important since only you are aware of it’s validity.    

  56. Anonymous

    I got the call an told them I had just shut off my computer. But said I'll put back on but it's very slow to start up. He said they would help with that so I told him it was in the other room and I'm 72 and it will take me a little time to get to it. He was happy to wait. I had the TV on so I sat there for a few minutes while he was on hold. Then said I got to the computer and will put it on now. Again I said it was very slow to start up. Again he would wait. After about 3 or 4 minutes he asked if it started I told him it shows windows is starting will be a few more minutes yet. I had him on the phone for more then 20 minutes before he asked if I was ready to start then I laughed and asked how much money has he made in the last hour with this stupid phone call. At least I keep someone else from being scammed for a half hour.

  57. Anonymous

    I got a call like this.  I knew it.  I have been just hanging up.  I am glad Microsoft is advertising in this way.

  58. Anonymous

    I too have received on several occasions calls from a dude with an Indian accent claiming he's from MS and that they had detected numerous viruses on my computer and could get rid of all the problems.

    I knew this dude was a scammer. I was messing with him. at one point he misunderstood me and thought that I told him I don't have a computer and he asked me if I'm playing games with him and I'm taking up his time. I said, you called me. I even asked for a phone number and when i called that number back it was a woman from another state and she said they have been calling her also.

  59. Anonymous

    The calls of this type to Ireland are usually made by Indians from US phones. I marvel with them about how clever their technology is to be able to report all my IT problems and I keep them on the line as long as possible telling me about their Mainframe. So when I feel they are getting "itchy feet" with my procrastination and not going to my keyboard I say "My computer is an Apple" Oh the reactions I get and then CLICK

  60. Anonymous

    I had rec'd these types of calls, several times over the last 2 years,  and never have allowed them to talk me into proceeding on my computer to give them access.  The last challenge to them was  repeatedly asking for them to give me my provider's name, because according to the scammer, my provider has advised them that my computer is needing repair.  Back and forth, many times, and they wouldn't give me my provider's name.  along with that, I told them that I am an IT professional, and that if there's anything wrong with my computer, I will fix it!.  Don't call me again. Click.

  61. Anonymous

    I am disable and getting up to these calls 5-6 times a day was not on.  I sent a nasty email to my Internet Provider about it and they have stopped.  Only get the odd one once a week which is Private on my Caller ID.  I know not to answer these.  It is your IP telemarketers doing all the calls and I know because I recognize the background noise from a previous call to my IP about my internet cut outs.  When I said to the telemarketer I know you are from xxxxx and she denied it all and I told her I recognize the background noise you guys make.  She hung up straight away.  I then sent an email to my IP explaining what I said and the calls have stopped.  

    What does that tell you?  

  62. Anonymous

    I received those same phone calls with the same story. Since they knew so much about my PC, I asked them which operating system I have and what model of PC I have. From that point they started guessing with the most obvious operating system and they had no idea if I had a laptop, desktop or tablet.

  63. Anonymous

    Got a call like this the other day & decided to have a bit of fun with the scammer.  I tried to sound incredibly worried and cooperative.  He kept getting frustrated because I couldn't find the things and do the things he wanted me to do.  Long story short, every reply I gave was based on me being computer illiterate and having an (imaginary) Leading Edge 486 running Win95 with AOL and dial-up access on the phone line he called.  After 10 minutes of this, he finally hung up.

  64. Anonymous

    I had received numerous calls but they soon stopped after I kept telling them that this phone call was being traced by the Federal Police. When I told them that the line suddenly went dead.  I have not received any calls for about 18 months now.

  65. Anonymous

    I have also had several of these calls.  Next time you get one, tell them you don't have a computer and put the phone down!

  66. Anonymous

    I received dozens of calls from them. They kept asking me if I spoke English. Hung up couple of times, even speaking in Dutch & French that I didn't understand them, or acting like they had the wrong number, but they kept calling back (within the hour). So just hanging up doesn't seem to work. Then I got irritated by the amount of calls, so I went 1 step further. The moment they claimed being from Microsoft i said B.S…. A real employee would never start shouting "f#(k #ff"… The next 3 times I starting the conversation with "Hello, yes I know you are impersonating an employee of Microsoft, and you are going to tell me that there is a potentional security threat and that I have to visit…" twice I got the response "How do you know that?" and the third time was the best one… with an astonished tone asking "What are you doing?" followed with a stunning silence.

    Most of those people just read a script on their computerscreen and aren't capable of continuing the conversation when they get side tracked.

    My wife received multiple calls (all on the same phone number here) telling all of them she didn't believe one word they were telling, that MS doens't call their users, mails from technet would be faster 🙂

    My mother in law did a nice number (of reversed psychology) on one of those calls, even asking the persons name and ext. number, telling she would call Microsoft HQ asking to be transferred back to that person 🙂

    The mother in law of my brother was the big loser here, believing everything and going ALL the way…

  67. Anonymous

    I have Skype, what in hell went wrong with Messenger it worked well but with Skype I have no camera and it did and still is working in this vista laptop. There is no comunication with skype only questions and answers that have no ouestion on lost camera. Microsoft has failed me with this change.HELP

  68. Anonymous

    So the quetion is what is Microsoft doing about this?  The bogus phone calls to my number are bordering on harassment.  I've reported these to the FTC and FBI numbers several times and nothing becomes of it because I'm a single person reporting.  But with hundreds saying the same thing what is being done?

  69. Anonymous

    These guys are relentless which makes me think they could be caught.  I fell for the scam as far as believing they were from Dell tech support since I had a recent repair.  They damaged my system and I paid Microsoft to repair it.  They still call me two or three times per week but now they have disguised their phone number on the caller ID.  I provided a lot of information to Microsoft in hopes that they can track these boneheads down.  I suggest that Microsoft create some sort of reporting tool that could determine the scammers IP and disable it, or better yet take control of their systems.

  70. Anonymous

    Similar situation here in South Africa , also seemed to have 'Indian' accent . The first time I played along , to find out what was going on . No information given . Now I just hang up when they call .

      Not sure what MS can do apart from these advisories .

  71. Anonymous

    Why isn't there a universal tel. number (or email address) to which all of us scamees can sent copies of the scam so that others can be protected?  Why doesn't M/S have a dept. of 500 or so analysts ready to track these guys down?  Why does the average joe have to spend his time looking up the appropriate number or email at the FCC, the FBI, the KGB, the White House, M/S, the Attorney General's office, the Better Business Bureau and all his state offices?  I ought to be able to forward any suspicious email or phone call with the click of a button and be done with it!

  72. Anonymous

    We received the call several times from them.told them they reached Gov.unlisted number and not to call us but they called back later and we keep them on the line till they disconnected but they called back again  later,. you can hear its a boiler type opperation in the backround.Just hanging up in the start is the BEST.

  73. Anonymous

    I got a phone call from those guys with a terrible Indian accent.  They claimed to be Microsoft employees calling from London and even gave me a thee Microsoft employee ID.  I said they were fake and they became agressive.  I was certain ly 30 minutes on the phone with them.

  74. Anonymous

    I too received the same phone call. I have a PC, a laptop and an android device. When I got the call I knew straight away so I kept asking her which computer was hacked, she said the windows one, I asked her which version of windows, as I had 3 and they were all different versions?, she said the one connected to the internet, i said they all are, so which one?  She ended up getting angry and hung up on me!  It was hard not to laugh during the whole converstaion.  If you know what's going on, just play dumb, they can't give different answers because they are not expecting you to ask any questions!!

  75. Anonymous

    Is that call from Microsoft a scam? YES! Microsoft NEVER calls you if you haven't contacted them in the first place.

    A few months ago I received a call pretending to be legitimate and said that they knew that my computer was infected with malicious malware. The woman had an Indian dialect (she never actually said that she called from Microsoft) and that she would help me.

    I ended the call by saying that I didn't have Microsoft Windows and that it was practically impossible for my computer to be infected in the way that she said. I felt really good, especially because the same foreign phone number had called me earlier a few times on odd hours. I only answered at this one time. Also I saved the phone number on my phone under the ID/ name "PHONE SCAM", in case they call again with the same number.

    [ I do own more than one PC. They all have Windows installed, sometimes I even try out Linux on one PC.

    I own several Windows licenses: Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, and now also Win 8.1 Pro ]

  76. Anonymous

    I have a rule that is; if I don't recognize the name or phone number I don't answer the phone or I pick it up and immediately hang up to cut them off.

  77. Anonymous

    The FTC should be finding the owner of the phone number propagating these scams and prosecuting them for collusion.  If no-one will sell these foreigners the telephone number to scam us from then the problem would go away.

  78. Anonymous

    Another number – remarkably from the Seattle area – for these jerks is 206.424-8912

  79. Anonymous

    Have recently received two call from Silverdale, Washington 360-633-9382 informing me my computer is at risk and is infected. Claim to be from Microsoft.

  80. Anonymous

    I too constantly get this same phone call indicating that something is wrong with my computer.  I am happy to have found this blog to confirm what I thought was true … this is all a scam!  No matter what I tell the caller, he just keeps insisting and I keep hanging up on him.  Is there any place that I can report this to that anyone knows about?

  81. Anonymous

    8-5-2014 received a call from someone  caller Id showed the caller as Devonshire BM phone 14-412-4345.

    Wanted to access my PC as it is not working right. I told the person I worked for a security company and we are

    coming after you. He immediately hung up

  82. Anonymous

    I to have received "THE CALL" from the broken english  speaking scamers wanting to fix my computer because it is sending out "ERROR" messages to windows support team. I know microsoft would not do this so I have fun with them by pretending to be as stupid as they think i am and before it is all over they get mad hang up. Microsoft, it would be a good thing if you could find a way to put a stop to this. Just think about how many people they have already taken advantage of.

  83. Anonymous

    Had an Indian named Paul call me and run event viewer and when nothing showed up wanted me to go to and click on "ms certified customer support 1" which indicated a download of ame.exe , at which point I told him I didn't want to download anything and hung up.  Ame.exe was identified as a Trojan on two web sites I checked.

  84. Anonymous

    I have been getting these phone calls all summer and now they are using blocked phone numbers and they just wont stop calling me. They say my computer is sending alerts to the windows servers and 90% of the time when they call, I am not even connected to the internet. They know I live here in Boston and they keep calling and its been the same guy call after call. Just hang up as I keep doing so and I pretty scream into the phone telling them they are scam artist and a fraud.

  85. Anonymous

    I get these calls occasionally.  Just got one from David with an Indian-type accident from a number that would not show in my phone.  When I get these calls I play along.  I let David walk me through the process, but of course I do not enter the inputs he asks me to input.  Then I read it back to him with a mistake and he corrects me.  We do this several times, and of course he invests his time because he thinks he is about to get into my computer.  Finally, he asked me what I am seeing.  I told him I am seeing a pop-up notice saying the FBI is preparing to arrest David.  I asked him if he has ever been to prison.  Startled, he said "no", and I assurred him he will.  

  86. Anonymous

    I had a call like this. Since I had my MacBook Pro running I decided to string him along. When I finally told him that I was running a Mac he swore at me and hung up. Too funny.

  87. Anonymous

    Told my g'ma that they were Microsoft and she needed to spend £300 plus on updating and getting rid of all the viruses that were on her system (to which I've checked with avg and Microsoft's own virus software and had good look round and there isn't anything)  they also told her she needed to update from 7 to 8 or her system is at high risk

    Behaviour from companies like this is disgraful  

  88. Anonymous

    I treat these calls as the joke that they are. I keep them talking on the phone and make life as difficult for them as possible and string them along with a load of nonsense.  If you want to terminate the call politely, just tell them you have an Apple Mac.  Another good ploy is to ask them where Microsoft is based. They haven't got a clue. I generally terminate the call after stringing them along by telling them that they should find some other mug to scam.

  89. Anonymous

    I have been getting calls over the last few days from a very pleasant man who gives his name as James and claims to be from Microsoft. Having read about this scam I won't be speaking to him again!!

  90. Anonymous

    Just had a call….guy gives his name as James and number as 18003486662

  91. Anonymous

    My wife gets calls from "Microsoft".  She says "Hold on" and leaves the phone by the TV.  They get  to listen to Judge Judy for as long as they want.

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