“Fix it” available for Internet Explorer

Today we released a downloadable tool called a “Fix it” for Internet Explorer that we mentioned in this blog yesterday.

On September 21, we will release a cumulative update for Internet Explorer through Windows Update.  We recommend that you install this update immediately. If you have automatic updating enabled on your computer, you won’t need to take any action – it will automatically update your machine. This update will reinforce the issue that the Fix it addressed and it will also cover other issues.

For more information, see Security Advisory 2757760.

For tips on how to stay safe online, visit the Microsoft Safety and Security Center.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have Windows XP.  Tried the Fix It several above to update the security and it keeps telling me to call the application and try again which I've done to no avail.  I am not a computer tech so doing this and not having it work is indeed very frustrating.

  2. Anonymous

    Yaaaaaaay! Finally! Now im not afraid to use the internet anymore!

  3. Anonymous

    Security Warning: Internet Explorer Hit By a Series of Attacks, Microsoft Warns


    Microsoft is urging users of Internet Explorer to download a toolkit that will help protect them against a series of exploits and attacks.

    Check for Internet Explorer exploits and attacks: Run a free scan

    A new security hole in Internet Explorer was discovered earlier this week, leaving the web browser vulnerable to certain exploits. This means that anyone using Internet Explorer could unknowingly have their computer compromised by dangerous malware.

    We recommend a full scan of your system with an anti-malware solution, as well as switching to another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  4. Anonymous

    For a duffer like me, it's pretty hard to FIND this one click fix.  I would be happy to install it, if you would make it CLEAR HOW TO DO THAT.

  5. Anonymous

    Once I have installed the Fix it ¿How can I know if Ihave been afected by this problem? I know that there are few people affected but I prefer to be sure about it.

    thanks in advanced 

  6. Anonymous

    does this cost money?

  7. Anonymous

    what to do when your Internet explorer is not working its going to slow it takes like and hour before the web sites load up. What should I do or how can I fix it  

  8. Anonymous

    When I go to Microsoft Security update, I get a message that I cannot connect.

  9. Anonymous

    when i go on line and click on anything and to get on the internet explorer a message domain status pops up and says configured correctly on your website c-18744.2 call your adminastrater. so what ever i click on on the internet that domain status pops up and sometimes it kicks me off line

  10. Anonymous

    I need my Internet Explorer Automatic Updates.

    Tank you!

  11. Anonymous

    I have Avg internet security. Doesn't expire until 06-2013. So today Windows Security Alert tells me it cannot find any anti-virus program?? What gives?

  12. Anonymous

    I hate all other browsers and want my IE back. When is it absolutely safe to reinstall IE9?

  13. Anonymous

    How do I uninstall "pc speed"  the crawler,llc program.  uninstall that program is not available on this computer?

  14. Anonymous

    if there is a problem with internet banker you need to fix it. Let me know if my inter service is safe

  15. Anonymous

    want to make sure that I am protected.

  16. Anonymous

    I,m not profesional to use my computer , but I,m try to learn English by my computer. please help me on this situation, maby  I did wrong ,and I click same which on supposet not to do and like that has bene mistak.

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