New Windows Phone App – Get Your Security Fix on the Go

This week we launched a new Windows Phone application that is designed to provide our readers with an easy way to access Trustworthy Computing blogs through their Windows Phone devices. Our Trustworthy Computing Blogs provide customers with the latest insights from our security, privacy and reliability experts, information on mitigation tools, secure development, security updates, tips and tricks and much more.  The application is available today in the Windows Phone marketplace and I encourage you to download it and share your feedback. 

Direct link to the application in marketplace:

If you don’t have a Windows Phone, simply use your favorite RSS reader on your mobile device and plug in any of the RSS feeds below:

We hope this provides you with another great way to consume the news and information regularly shared through our Trustworthy Computing blogs.   

Tim Rains
Director, Trustworthy Computing

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Tim Rains

Director, Security

Tim Rains is Director, Security at Microsoft where he helps manage marketing communications for Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise security, identity, and enterprise mobility products and services. Formerly, Tim was Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group where he helped Read more »