Webcast of “Code Red to Zbot: 10 Years of Tech, Researchers and Threat Evolution”

[NOTE: The time was originally listed as 10:30am, but it starts at 11:00am]

Tim Rains and I will be presenting in a live webcast this morning (5/23 @11:00am PST) on the topic “Code Red to Zbot: 10 Years of Tech, Researchers and Threat Evolution.”

The session was presented at the RSA USA 2012 Conference this year was well rated, so RSA has asked us to deliver the session again via a live public webcast.  The session is based on the Special Edition Security Intelligence Report that we released at RSA called The Evolution of Malware and the Threat Landscape.

Following the original RSA presentation, Tim and I did a series of Blog posts on the data as well, so if you read any of these and had questions, this webcast could be your opportunity to ask them of us interactively:

If you are interested in watching it, please register using the link below:


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