Weekly Roundup : Sep 23, 2011 : Rustock Botnet Case Goes to the FBI

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The week ended on a high note with news that Microsoft had successfully completed its civil action in the Rustock botnet case and had passed along all of its evidence to the FBI for possible criminal investigation. CNET led the coverage with its Microsoft hands Rustock botnet case over to FBI.  In other news from the world of malware, there was something special for those who hunger for their sense of irony to be fed: Spammers are accusing their recipients of being spammers—in order to get them to open attachments. Network World caught the absurdity of the social engineering attack with its headline Open this malware or I’ll sue you. The need for ever more protection from malware was driven home with the report from The Register of cut-rate spam kits: Bargain-basement botnet kit – yours for just €5.

Rustock Case Goes to the FBI

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