Weekly Roundup : Sep 16, 2011 : Bot Net Armies and Heidi Klum

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Sometimes the juxtaposition of stories you read is kind of interesting. Over at Network World, Tim Greene authored an article Bot army being assembled, awaiting orders. While CNET News reported Heidi Klum the ‘most dangerous’ celeb on the Net. It appears as if Klum, a model, actress, and television host is quite a popular subject of online searches, and about 10 percent of search results on her are reported to be malicious – leveraging the “social engineering” power of Ms. Klum. The top 10 list of the most likely celebrity searches to result in exposure to malware reads like a Who’s Who of popular culture. So quite inadvertently (maliciously, from the hacker’s standpoint) the identities of Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, Piers Morgan and other celebrities have been engineered into virtual recruiting agents for various malicious purposes. All of this is further driven home as InformationWeek reports that Social Engineering Leads APT Attack Vectors.

Bot Net Army and Heidi Klum

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