Weekly Roundup : Aug 5, 2011 : Black Hat and the Blue Hat Prize

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An eventful week with plenty coming out of the Black Hat conference, the Microsoft Blue Hat prize, publication of the EWI Cybersecurity Summit Report, and more, covered below.

Black Hat USA 2011

With Black Hat USA 2011 running this week there were plenty of stories about cyber threats – everywhere from programmable logic controllers, to SCADA equipment, to insulin pumps. Amidst all of this came the McAfee-dubbed “Operation Shady RAT,” which Vanity Fair called an “unprecedented cyber-espionage campaign and intellectual property bonanza,” while others say the hacking claims are overblown (ComputerWorld).  Other big news at Black Hat, Microsoft announced its new BlueHat Prize for innovative research on computer security defense. Some Black Hat reading highlights:


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