Security Week in Review: February 25, 2011

Well, this week was pretty lean compared to the plethora of Security topics written last week during RSA.  Still, I was able to find a few nuggets that are interesting or noteworthy.  I am continuing to see the trends that have emerged recently with respect to Cyber threat and stronger government involvement in driving the future security of the Internet.

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  • Cyber threat.  As we’ve been promoting for the past year via the Rethinking the Cyber Threat paper, not everything is cybercrime.  It is good to see some of the threat coverage starting to break threats out into different categories as well.
  • Collective Defense.  To address some of the complex security issues faced by Internet citizens, we need collective action in the defense of the global, shared resource that is the Internet – and it is happening.
  • Government is making a comeback.  For years, there has been a hands-off policy by governments with respect to the Internet, but that all seems to be changing over the past several months.

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I’d love your views on what else happened in the industry this week that I didn’t mention here – drop me a note with your feedback and suggestions.

Best regards, Jeff

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