Security Blogger Meetup 2011 : “Security Thought Leaders” in the Spirit of Chris Eng

I went to the Security Blogger Meetup this week at RSA and met up with a  lot of friends and colleagues that I haven’t seen in a while.  Alan Shimel made a point that a lot of the “old” bloggers weren’t writing as often as they had in the past, but luckily a lot of new ones with great content were emerging – there were over 100 attendees at this years meetup, which was pretty impressive.  That is obviously a lot of blogs to read each week, but if you want to filter it down a bit, you might take a look at the nominees for awards this year.

Along those lines, there was one new category that I wanted to share – The single best security blog post of the year.  The nominees were:

The winner was the last one by Chris Eng – so being curious, I went and watched it, and it is hilarious and worth sharing.  Here it is, embedded below.

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