Change Your Tweetdeck Account Password

I love Tweetdeck and adopted it as my primary client on the same day I started using twitter (  Recently I wanted to sync my “view” between my desktop and phone versions of Tweetdeck, so I created a Tweetdeck account (which is how you do that). 

Later, when I wanted to change the password, I couldn’t figure out how! If you go to the Tweetdeck web site and login and then view your profile, it just shows a lot of summary information about your twitter account.  With a little persistence, you can get to the site, login and view your profile, but this only lets you change your display name, phone number, time zone and add a photo.

After lots of research on the tweetdeck support site, I’ve concluded that, for some strange reason, they didn’t build in any change password capability.  If you go to the account setting UI, type in a new password and “save” settings, it doesn’t change your password.  You might think it does, but you can verify by going to the web site and trying to login – only the old password will work.

Of course, there are always ways and I’ve identified one that is pretty easy to implement.  Thought I should document it for those who may follow in my path.  No doubt they’ll fix this at some point and this post will be outdated, but until then… here are the step-by-step directions to change your Tweetdeck password.

Regards ~ Jeff

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