Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 to help protect your computer

Microsoft has determined that one of the technologies used in the recent criminal attacks against Google and other corporate networks was Internet Explorer 6.  Customers using Internet Explorer 8 are not affected by currently known attacks.

We recommend that anyone not already using Internet Explorer 8 upgrade immediately. Internet Explorer 8 offers many additional security protections.  Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8

If your computer has Windows XP, we recommend that you upgrade to Service Pack 3 to gain the maximum protection available. Be sure you also upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

Microsoft teams are continuing to work on a comprehensive security update that will address this vulnerability. We will take appropriate action to protect customers when the update has met the quality bar for broad distribution.

Learn more about this topic by watching a video of Jerry Bryant, Microsoft Senior Security Communications Manager.

For more information, see the recent security advisory.  See the Suggested Actions section at the bottom of the Advisory for steps you can take.   

For more information about how to protect your PC, go to www.microsoft.com/security.

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