RSA Conference 2009 Webcasts – Day 1 Keynotes (Tuesday)


The RSA Conference team has done an excellent job of making videos available this year for those that could not attend the conference live. Plus, like watching your American Idol on your DVR, you can easily skip past the parts you find boring and just focus on the exciting stuff.

RSA Conference 2009 kicked off with a video honoring Edgar Allen Poe and tying Poe to cryptography, which led into an awesome dual violin performance that I thoroughly enjoyed (do not skip the opening ceremony video!)

The keynote webcasts for Tuesday cover:

(If you care 😉 I particularly recommend and point you to the following:

  • The Opening Ceremony video – I just liked it.
  • Scott Charney’s webcast if you have an interest in End to End Trust, as he does a good job of laying out why it is needed and why it must be solved as a collaborative effort by the entire industry.
  • Martin Hellman on the Cryptographer’s Panel, which follows up on a them I loved last year (read RSA Crypto Panel: Martin Hellman on 0.01% Events) concerning Low Probability High Impact events. 

Click on the Webcast image above, or here to go to the webcast page.

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