4 Reasons to Go Passwordless

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The topic of passwords is one we all know too well. From being an everyday annoyance to a major security risk, passwords are a pain point for many.  According to a YouGov Omnibus survey shared with Microsoft, 30% of respondents prefer not using an app, account or service altogether rather than going through the hassle of resting a password.  For this reason, Microsoft first announced in March of 2021 passwordless sign-in will be generally available for commercial users.  Going passwordless means never having to remember a password again while feeling as secure as possible.  Before being available to the public, Microsoft employees began the passwordless transition.  Today, nearly 100% of them use passwordless options to log in to their corporate accounts.

Now, after months of anticipation, Microsoft’s Vice President of Security, Compliance, and Identity, Vasu Jakkal, officially shared Microsoft’s password-free sign-in is now available to the public! Click here to read Vasu’s blog and to learn more about how you can go passwordless yourself.  Not convinced? Here are 4 major reasons to go passwordless.

  1. Passwords make you an easy target for cybersecurity attacks.  Using technology, hackers can easily crack your password giving them access to your private information.
  2. They waste time. 27% of YouGov Omnibus survey respondents shared they forget passwords at least monthly resulting in the long process of retrieving or resetting a password.
  3. Passwords aren’t user-friendly. Many still write down login information in notebooks and post-it notes.  This restricts accessibility.  If we are not able to retrieve that note, we wouldn’t be able to log in.
  4. They take up too much brain space. To protect ourselves, we are required to add combinations of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols which are difficult to remember.

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