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Microsoft Unboxed Healthcare

This week on Microsoft Unboxed, Sonia and Colleen talk about how Microsoft technology is transforming different aspects of the healthcare industry. First, Sonia shares how Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is using quantum-inspired algorithms to drive a more efficient, more effective MRI technique called magnetic resonance fingerprinting (MRF). This new type of scan is up to three times faster than prior state-of-the-art approaches and is nearly 30 percent more precise in measuring key identifiers of diseases.

Then, Colleen shares a story about a startup called Airdoc and how they’re using Microsoft AI to revolutionize eye examinations. By analyzing retinal images, this technology can detect signs of ocular disease in the blink of an eye.

Microsoft Unboxed is a weekly YouTube series from Microsoft, hosted by Sonia Dara and Colleen O’Brien. We’ll look at Microsoft’s latest technology, and the people and stories behind the tech. Tune in every Thursday at 9AM PT for new episodes.

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