Microsoft Unboxed: Microsoft 365

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On Episode 30 of Microsoft Unboxed, it’s all about Microsoft 365 – a collection of productivity apps with intelligent cloud services introduced by Microsoft two years ago. To kick things off, Colleen shares that her favorite Microsoft 365 app is OneNote, and Sonia’s explains why she likes the Outlook app. Then, Sonia and Colleen dive into customer stories. Sonia starts with the story of Jack’s Diving Locker, which uses Microsoft 365 to connect their operations manager in North Carolina with their team in Hawaii. Jack’s Diving Locker provides personalized diving training and services to Hawaii visitors. Now that they’re digitized, they’re able to differentiate their business from 40 other diving outfits in Hawaii to make sure their guests have the best experience possible.

Next, Colleen shares the story of how Hendrick Motor Sports has transformed with Microsoft 365. Since Hendrick Motor Sports has 600 team members, they needed a creative way to leverage all of the brainpower of their team while following NASCAR rules for the number of pit crew members allowed on the track. With Microsoft Teams, they can connect their local pit crews back to their team at HQ. With its collaboration and data analysis capabilities, Teams has become a key element to winning for the Hendrick Motor Sports team.

Microsoft Unboxed is a weekly YouTube series from Microsoft, hosted by Sonia Dara and Colleen O’Brien. We’ll look at Microsoft’s latest technology, and the people and stories behind the tech. Tune in every Thursday at 9AM PT for new episodes.

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