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Microsoft is on a path to empower a global community of creators – builders, students, teachers, gamers, thinkers and developers. We want to inspire and empower the Latinx community by giving them the tools and solutions necessary to give life to their ideas so that they can accomplish things never before possible.

Your idea could impact a person, your community or the world. Microsoft sees the positive potential of people using technology to help others. That’s why Microsoft created #EmpowerPossibility to help bring inspiring ideas to life and support the people behind them.

From improving technology in classrooms to kick-starting a new program in an underprivileged community or providing accessibility for people in need, we’re excited to see what ideas you can create. You provide the imagination and we make it happen with the right tools and resources.

We invite the Latinx community to make a difference by submitting an idea to the competition.

For this ongoing competition, you can submit your idea online, in-store or on Instagram and Twitter by uploading a video or photo with a description of your idea, tagging @MicrosoftStore and including the hashtags #EmpowerPossibility and #Contest. You must be 13 years or older to be eligible.

Microsoft will send you a confirmation upon receiving your submission. If your idea is chosen, you will be contacted via phone and email. Winners will receive cash prizes, expert advice and the latest technology and tools to make their ideas a reality.

For more rules and regulations, please click here.

Microsoft Latinx wishes you good luck!

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