October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are you safe?

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We live in an era where digital is more and more a reality. Specially for us, U.S. Latinos who over index in mobile use, social media and online video. The digital life has its risks, but there are simple and easy steps that can keep us safe.

For example, are you the type that shares your location all the time or post about all events in your life? Watch out. Here are some of the most common social media clichés… To find out which one is you, take our Social Media Quiz and find out more tips to keep you safe online.

Pin HeadPin Head: Using location services? Okay, but limit who knows your whereabouts, pay attention to where/when you check in, and link to social media with care.



Momarazzi: We know they are adorable but be mindful about what you post online about your kids (of any age). You might be putting them at risk by revealing location, age, school, etc.


EmoTeam Emo: A simple rule, if you would only share something with a close friend don’t post it online. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, or have money worries, you can increase your online risks of being bullied or targeted for scams.


HashtagHashtag Hyper: Be selective about where and when you use hashtags to avoid oversharing your location. Keep sensitive details to yourself that could be used to defraud, impersonate, or find your home address, phone and account numbers, birth date, photos without your knowing it.


First a selfie: Think before you post, it will be there a long, long time.



Now if you want tips on how to keep your business secure click here

And remember, cybersecurity is a job for all of us.

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